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bookmark_spread.jpgWhat are your reading plans for the summer? Before you head out for vacation or on holiday, remember that your library and WorldCat can help. You can do things like:

• Make a list of the books you'd like to read this summer (Here are Nancy Pearl's picks from last summer!)
• Write reviews of and rate the titles you've recently read
• Read other people's reviews of the books you're interested in
• Share your recent reads on WorldCat's Facebook Page

If you have high school age kids, remember that WorldCat gives them an easy way to track their summer reading lists and make notes about what they've read. They'll wow their teacher in the fall! Many school and public libraries put out summer reading lists on WorldCat. Here's an example of such a list...find your school's list on then share it with all of us!

This week, May 3-9, 2009 is Teacher Appreciation Week. Help students find a way to show their gratitude for educators by reading books and watching movies about great teachers.

We've gathered up books to help younger children connect with being thankful for their teachers. Plus we picked out a few of our favorite inspirational teacher movies, such as To Sir, With Love, Stand and Deliver and Dead Poets Society for junior high and high school students.
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