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Neurobiology for clinical social work : theory and practice

Janet R. Shapiro (Author), Jeffrey S. Applegate (Author)
The art and science of relationship are at the core of clinical social work. Research in neurobiology adds a new layer to our understanding of the protective benefits of relationship and specifically, to our understanding of the neurobiology of attachment and early brain development. This second edition of Neurobiology for Clinical Social Work explores the application of recent research in neuroscience to prevention and intervention in multiple systems, settings, and areas such as the neurobiology of stress and the stress response system, the impact of early adversity and toxic stress on brain development, early childhood and adolescent brain development, and the application of this science to prevention and intervention in areas such as child welfare and juvenile justice. Social workers collaborate with individuals, families, communities, and groups that experience adversity, and at times, traumatic stressors. Research in neuroscience adds to our models of risk and resilience; informing our understanding of the processes by which adversity and trauma impact multiple indicators of wellbeing across time. Social workers can use this knowledge to inform their work and to support the neuroprotective benefit of relationship in the lives of individuals, families, and communities. This text provides essential information for cutting-edge social work practice
Print Book, English, 2018
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W.W. Norton & Company, New York, 2018
xxiv, 282 pages ; 25 cm
9780393711646, 0393711641
Social work and neuroscience : an introduction
The neuroscience of learning and memory : how past experience and traumatic stress influence the present
Affect and affect regulation : toward a neuropsychological integration
The role of attachment relationships : the relational context of early brain development and affect regulation
The neurodevelopmental impact of stress, adversity, and trauma : implications for social work
Infant mental health in the 21st century : incorporating research in social neuroscience into relationship-based models of practice
Adolescent brain development : a trauma-informed approach with adolescents in juvenile justice settings with Jillian Graves
Translating neuroscience to social work practice : the role of neural integration across models of psychotherapy
Three case studies
New directions in social work education
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