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Advancing developmental science : philosophy, theory, and method

Anthony S. Dick (Author), Ulrich Mueller (Author)
Advancing Developmental Science reviews the state-of-the-science in theoretical, methodological, and topical research, with a unique focus on the scholarship that developed within a process-relational framework.
Print Book, English, 2017
Psychology Press, New York, 2017
1 volume ; 26 cm
9781138960039, 9781138960046, 1138960039, 1138960047
Ebook version :
Foreword Richard M. Lerner 1. Integrating, Philosophy, Theory, and Method in Contemporary Developmental Science: An Overview of the Issues Anthony Steven Dick and Ulrich Müller Section I. Theoretical and Methodological Issues in Development: A Relational Perspective 2. What is Development? Ulrich Müller and Abigail Graves 3. Embodiment Peter J. Marshall 4. Dynamic Systems Theory David C. Witherington 5. Biological Processes and Psychological Development Robert Lickliter 6. The Ontogenesis of Neural Networks from a Network Science Perspective Anthony Steven Dick 7. The Contribution of Statistical Modeling to Developmental Theory Alexander Von Eye Section II: The Relational Perspective: Cognitive And Social-Emotional Development In Context 8. Moral Development in Contexts Larry Nucci and Elliot Turiel 9. Embracing Complexity in the Study of Executive Function and its Development Philip David Zelazo and Stephanie M. Carlson 10. A Contextually and Developmentally Sensitive View of Children’s Memory Development: Between the Laboratory and the Field Deirdre Brown and Michael E. Lamb 11. Language Development: Motion Verb and Spatial-Relational Term Acquisition from a Developmental Systems Perspective Shannon M. Pruden and Rosalie Odean 12. Communication as the Coordination of Activity: The Implications of Philosophical Preconceptions for Theories of the Development of Communication Jeremy I. M. Carpendale 13. Development of Deductive Reasoning Robert B. Ricco 14. Positive Youth Development: Applying Relational Developmental Systems Metatheory to Promote Thriving Lynn S. Liben and Emily F. Coyle 15. Positive Youth Development Jacqueline V. Lerner and Kristina Schmid Callina 16. Development of Relational Wisdom and Happiness in Late Adulthood Masami Takahashi 17. Environmental Context and Social Relationships: A Relational Perspective on Health Disparities Noah J. Webster, Kristine J. Ajrouch, Wylie H. Wan, and Toni C. Antonucci 18. Developing Persons and Clashing Cultures Jeanette A. Lawrence 19. The "Spaces In-Between": Applying Relational Developmental Systems to Identity and Moral Character Bryan W. Sokal, Michael J. Chandler, Stuart Hammond, Kelly McEnerney, and Peter Marle Afterword: Developmental Science, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, Willis F. Overton