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The Oxford handbook of assessment policy and practice in music education Volume 2

In this two-volume Handbook, contributors from across the globe provide expert perspectives on the assessment, measurement, and evaluation of student learning in music.
Print Book, English, 2019
Oxford University Press, New York, NY, 2019
xiii, 974 Seiten
9780190248130, 0190248130
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DedicationList of ContributorsPart I. Music Assessment in the United States1. Legislation and Common Law Impacting Assessment Practices in Music EducationJoshua A. Russell2. The Impact of State Testing on American Music ClassroomsRonald G. Sherwin and Sarah H. McQuarrie3. High-stakes Assessment in MusicGlenn E. Nierman 4. The Status of Arts Assessment in the United StatesMarcia McCaffrey and Linda T. Lovins5. Connecticut Common Music Assessments: Collaboratively Building Capacity and ExemplarsRichard Wells and Scott C. Shuler6. The Florida Performing Fine Arts Assessment ProjectSteven N. Kelley, Beth Cummings, and Mary Grace Gordon7. Kentucky Policies and Practices for Assessment in Music Education: Past, Present, and FutureRobyn Swanson and Philip Shepherd 8. Washington State's Classroom-Based Performance Assessments: Formative and Summative Design for Music EducationAnn René Joseph9. The Texas Music Assessment: Grassroots Development of a Statewide Music TestMichele Hentry10. A Colorado Partnership for Assessment in Music EducationMark Hudson and Karol Gates 11. Measuring Student Learning in Michigan: The Michigan Arts Education Assessment and Instruction ProjectRyan Shaw and Cynthia Crump Taggart 12. The South Carolina Arts Assessment ProgramAshlee Lewis, Yin Burgess, and Xumei FanPart II. The Assessment of Student Music Learning13. Assessment and Critical Pedagogy: A Perspective from the United StatesFrank Abrahams14. Making Assessment Meaningful, Measurable, and Manageable in the Secondary Music ClassroomPaul H. Kimpton and Ann Kaczkowski Kimton15. Assessment Practices of American Band DirectorsCharles J. Vaughan16. Assessment Practices of American Choral Music EducatorsAl D. Holcolmb17. Assessment Practices of American Orchestra DirectorsKirk Moss, Stephen Benham, and Kristen Pellegrino 18. Assessment Practices in American Elementary General Music ClassroomsJeff Marlatt19. Assessing Music in Early ChildhoodMaria Runfola20. Assessment in the Music Learning Theory-Based ClassroomJill A. Reese and Heather N. Shouldice21. Assessment in the Kodály ClassroomSue Leithold-Bowcock and Ann C. Kay22. Assessment and Orff Schulwerk PedagogyDaniel Johnson23. Assessment in the Dalcroze ClassroomMarja-Leena Juntunen and Cassandra Eisenreich 24. Analyzing Student Data to Inform Instruction and Increase Student GrowthDenese Odegaard25. Assessing Music Learning through CompositionsClint Randles26. Assessing Singing Voice DevelopmentJoanne Rutkowski27. Self-Assessment of Singing AccuracyPatricia Riley28. Practical Tools and Strategies for Assessing Aural SkillsNathan Buonviri29. Assessing Music ListeningKeith Thompson30. The Assessment of Adult Music Learning in the United StatesJeremy Lane31. Culturally Responsive Assessment in Music EducationEbru Tuncer-Boon32. Spotlight on Children and Young People with Complex Special NeedsHelen Farrell33. Evidence-based Practices for Music Instruction and Assessment for P-12 Students with Autism Spectrum DisorderRobyn SwansonPart III. Assessment and Music Technology34. Policy, Standards, and Assessment in Technology-Based Music InstructionJay Dorfman35. Technical Issues Related to Computerized Music Performance AssessmentDaniel Massoth36. Assessing Music Learning with TechnologyWilliam BauerEpilogue37. Assessment in Music Education: The State of the ArtTimothy S. Brophy