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Scholastique Mukasonga (Author), Mark Polizzotti (Translator), Archipelago Books (Publisher)
"Kibogo's story is reserved for the evening's end, when women sit around a fire drinking honeyed brew, when just a few are able to stave off sleep. With heads nodding, drifting into the mist of a dream, one faithful storyteller will weave the old legends of the hillside, stories which church missionaries have done everything in their power to expunge. Kibogo's tale is at once an origin myth, a celestial marvel, and a source of hope. And for the white priests who spritz holy water on shriveled trees, it's considered forbidden, satanic, a witchdoctor's hoax. Everyone energetically debates Kibogo's twisted story, but deep down secretly wonders: Can Kibogo really summon the rain?"--Provided by publisher
Print Book, English, 2022
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Archipelago Books, Brooklyn, NY, 2022