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Kids fight climate change : act now to be a #2minutesuperhero

Martin Dorey (Author), Tim Wesson (Illustrator), 2 Minute Foundation (Firm)
"Kids can help save planet Earth with these positive, climate-focused missions from best-selling author and eco-warrior Martin Dorey. Our planet is in trouble! But with the help of this book, every kid can be a superhero making a difference. Sixty engaging missions guide readers through making carbon-saving changes in all aspects of their lives, from gardening to gadgets--even a DIY water-saving device for their toilet tank! Aided by lively illustrations, the author weaves crucial climate statistics and helpful resources with stories of positive change already happening, such as the resurgence of the Eurasian beaver due to conservation efforts. Along the way, readers meet other superheroes, both animal and human, who are changing the world too. With advice about speaking up and inspiring others to join in, veteran environmentalist Martin Dorey infuses optimism and encouragement into this essential guide to saving Earth, two minutes at a time."-- Provided by publisher
Print Book, English, 2022
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Candlewick Press, Somerville, Massachusetts, 2022
Juvenile works
7-10 years Grades 2-5
127 pages : color illustrations ; 20 cm
9781536223491, 9781536223484, 1536223492, 1536223484
Introduction : calling all future superheroes
Mission 1 : count your carbon
Mission 2 : you've got the power
Mission 3 : fight climate change at home
Mission 4 : fight climate change with your food
Mission 5 : Fight climate change with your sink, shower, and toilet
Mission 6 : fight climate change with your (lack of) stuff
Mission 7 : fight climate change with your gadgets
Mission 8 : fight climate change with your wardrobe
Mission 9 : fight climate change in your garden
Mission 10 : fight climate change when you travel
Mission 11 : fight climate change on your vacation
Mission 12 : fight climate change at the supermarket
Mission 13 : fight climate change at school
Mission 14 : fight climate change by planting trees
Mission 15 : fight climate change with your money
Mission 16 : fight climate change with your voice
Bonus mission : fight climate change with your pen
Mission completed
Superhero points
What kind of superhero are you?
Find out more about the fight against climate change
About the author and the 2 Minute Foundation
"60 missions to help save our planet"--Cover