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Complex systems and human behavior

"What shapes human behavior? Christopher Hudson approaches this conundrum with an outstanding grasp of the theoretical underpinnings of the human services. In this penetrating new book, Hudson guides us through the common roots of social work and psychology with authority and lucidity to revisit the richness of human experience. Particularly notable for its integrative style, the book offers a comprehensive overview of the many theories that underlie contemporary social work practice, all carefully interpreted through the lens of complex systems theory. Hudson evaluates concepts like deep ecology, chaos theory, consciousness, diversity, and spirituality with clarity and enthusiasm, placing them in historical and theoretical contexts. His incisive review of the work of major thinkers from Comte, Freud, and James, through Vygotsky, Baars, and Varela, will help bring his readers to a more complex view of the human condition. An excellent book for all human services practitioners as well as advanced students of human behavior, Complex Systems and Human Behavior is a comprehensive introduction to complex systems theory and a necessary resource for all who seek a greater understanding of the evolution and foundation of their craft."--Publisher's website
Print Book, English, ©2010
Lyceum Books, Chicago, Ill., ©2010
xviii, 721 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
9780925065636, 0925065633
The assessment of complex adaptive systems
The roots of social and personal change : self-organization, natural selection, and entropy
Understanding in action : the role of theory in the human services
Recent developments in the study of consciousness
Maturation, learning, and personal development through the life cycle
Motivation and personality: conflict, consistency, and fulfillment models
Problem solving, decision making, and creativity
Theories of mental dysfunction
Small groups and their processes
Families as complex systems
The dynamics of organizations
Community theory, dynamics, and assessment
Diversity : problems, challenges, opportunities
Helping relationships and advanced generalist practice in complex systems
Values, ethics, and spirituality in the human services