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The sociology of science : theoretical and empirical investigations

Print Book, English, 1973
University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1973
xxxi, 605 pages ; 24 cm.
9780226520919, 9780226520926, 0226520919, 0226520927
Author's Preface
Introduction/Norman W. Storer
Part 1: The Sociology of Knowledge
1.1-Paradigm for the Sociology of Knowledge
1.2-Znaniecki's Social Role of the Man of Knowledge
1.3-Social conflict Over Styles of Sociological Work
1.4-Technical and Moral dimensions of Policy Research
1.5-the Perspect8ives of Insiders and Outsiders. Part 2: The Sociology of Scientific Knowledge
2.6-Sorokin's formulations in the Sociology of Science
2.7-Social and Cultural Contexts of Science
2.8-changing Foci of Interest in the Sciences and Technology
2.9-Interactions of Science and Military Technique
2.10-The Neglect of the Sociology of Science. Part 3: The Normative Structure of Science
3.11-The Puritan Spur to Science
3.12-Science and Social Order
3.13-The normative Structure of Science. Part 4: The Reward System of Science
4.14-Priorities in Scientific Discovery
4.15-Behaviour of Patterns of Scientists
4.16-Singletons and Multiples in Science
4.17-Multiple discoveries as Strategic Research Site
4.18-The Ambivalence of Scientists. Part 5: The Processes of Evaluation in Science
5.19-Recognition and Excellence: Instructive Ambiguities
5.20-The Matthew Effect in Sci3ence
5.21-Institutionalized Patterns of Evaluation in Science
5.22-Age, Aging and Age Structure in Science