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Reading Gandhi in the twenty-first century

Niranjan Ramakrishnan examines the surprising extent to which Gandhi's writings still provide insight into current global tensions and the assumptions that drive them. This book explores how ideas Gandhi expressed over a century ago can be applied today to issues from terrorism to the environment, globalization to the 'Clash of Civilizations.' In particular it looks at Gandhi's emphasis on the small, the local, and the human -- an emphasis that today begins to appear practical, attractive, and even inescapable. Written in an accessible style invoking examples from everyday happenings familiar to all, this concise volume reintroduces Gandhi to today's audiences in relevant terms
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1. Prologue: A World at Sea
2. What's so Great about Gandhi, Anyway?
3. Gandhi in the Time of Terrorism
4. Privatization-Privation-Privacy
5. Globalization of What?
6. A Fundamental(ist) Irony
7. Environmentalism
8. The C(l)ash of Civilizations
9. East Vs. West: Win, Lose or Draw?
10. Media Matters, Citizen Mutters
11. Technological Titans, Moral Midgets
12. Corruption and its Discontents
13. Of Suicides and Stock Markets
14. Unbroken Connectivity, Broken Lives: Industrialism and its Consequences
15. W(h)ither the State?
16. Epilogue: Where do we go from here?