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Modes of production and archaeology

Robert M. Rosenswig (Editor), Jerimy J. Cunningham (Editor)
This volume challenges the historical materialistic, non-capitalist modes that are used by archaeologists as not all that useful and instead considers how social labor is organized to transform nature into culturally refined and useful resources and how this can either maintain or change a culture. Rather than describe what a society is, using the theoretical framework of Marx and materialism, a mode of production approach explores what a society does in a more dynamic sense
Print Book, English, 2017
University Press of Florida, Gainesville, FL, 2017
viii, 347 pages : illustrations, maps ; 25 cm
9780813054308, 0813054303
Introducing modes of production in archaeology / Robert M. Rosenswig and Jerimy J. Cunningham
Hunter-gatherer studies. Modes of production in Southern California at the end of the eighteenth century / Thomas C. Patterson
Applying modes of production analysis to non-state, or anarchic, societies: shifting from historical epochs to seasonal microscale / Bill Angelbeck
Early agricultural modes of production in Mesoamerica: new insights from southern and central Mexico / Guillermo Acosta Ochoa
Production and consumption: theory, methodology, and lithic analysis / Myrian Álvarez and Ivan Briz Godino
Kin-mode contradictions, crises, and transformations in the archaic lower Mississippi valley / Bradley E. Ensor
Pre-state agriculturalists. The tributary mode of production and justifying ideologies: evaluating the Wolf-Trigger Hypothesis / Robert M. Rosenswig
The ritual mode of production in the casas grandes social field / Jerimy J. Cunningham
Bronze economy and mode of production: the role of comparative advantages in temperate Europe during the Bronze Age / Johan Ling, Per Cornell, and Kristian Kristiansen
Ancient states. Social formations analysis: modes, class, gender, and the multiple contexts for agency / Bradley E. Ensor
Re-envisioning prehispanic Mesoamerican economies: modes of production, fiscal foundations of collective action, and conceptual legacies / Gary M. Feinman and Linda M. Nicholas
Modern states. Colonialism, articulation, and modes of production at an early seventeenth-century english colony in the Western Caribbean / Charles E. Orser Jr
The plantation mode of production / James A. Delle