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Global perspectives on teacher motivation

Helen M. G. Watt (Editor), Paul W. Richardson (Author), Kari Smith (Author)
"Many studies of teacher motivation have been conducted in different contexts over time. However, until fairly recently there has not been a reliable measure available to allow comparisons across samples and settings. This has resulted in an abundance of findings which cannot be directly compared or synthesised. The FIT-Choice instrument offers the opportunity to examine motivations across settings. The various studies in this book suggest that people who choose teaching as a career are motivated by a complex interaction of factors embedded within communities and cultural expectations, but seem generally to embrace a desire to undertake meaningful work that makes for a better society. Unlike some careers, where rewards are in the form of salary and status, by and large these factors are not strong drivers for people who want to become teachers. They want to work with children and adolescents, and believe they have the ability to teach" -- Provided by publisher
Print Book, English, 2017
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 2017
xvi, 399 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
9781107512221, 9781107104983, 1107512220, 110710498X
ebook version :
Why teach? How teachers' motivations matter around the world / Helen M. G. Watt, Paul W. Richardson, & Kari Smith
Career motivations of student teachers in the Republic of Ireland: Continuity and change during educational reform and 'Boom to Bust' economic times / Manuela Heinz, Elaine Keane, & Conor Foley
Why teach? Antecedents and consequences in Spain / Gloria Gratacos, Ernesto Lopez-Gomez, Guiomar Nocito, & Santiago Sastre Llorente
Factors motivating students to become secondary school teachers: Evidence from Norway / Christian Brandmo & Katrine Nesje
The motivational basis of classroom management practices and beliefs of Swiss vocational teachers / Jean-Louis Berger, Celine Girardet, Cynthia Vaudroz, & Carmela Aprea
Motivations that affect professional knowledge in Germany and Austria / Johannes Konig & Martin Rothland
Teaching Motivations and Perceptions during the First Year of Teacher Education in Estonia / Merle Taimalu, Piret Luik, & Karin Taht
How personality dimensions and motivation to teach shape the learning achievement goals of Croatian future teachers / Iris Marusic, Ivana Jugovic, & Tea Pavin Ivanec
Exploring the relationships between prospective Turkish teachers' hopes, motivations and professional plans / Altay Eren & Amanda Yesilbursa
Motivations and aspirations of teacher education students in Indonesia / Anne Suryani
Teacher motivation and professional commitment in the United States: The role of motivations for teaching, teacher self-efficacy and sense of professional responsibility / Fani Lauermann, Stuart A. Karabenick, Robert Carpenter, & Colleen Kuusinen
Divided by discipline? Contrasting motivations, perceptions, and background characteristics of beginning Australian English and Mathematics teachers / Helen M. G. Watt, Paul W. Richardson, & Zoe A. Morris
Why choose teaching and does it matter? / Ruth Butler