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The Cambridge handbook of sociology

Kathleen Odell Korgen (Editor)
"Whether a student, an instructor, a researcher, or just someone interested in understanding the roots of sociology and our social world, The Cambridge Handbook of Sociology, Volume 1 is for you. This first volume of the Handbook focuses on core areas of sociology, such as theory, methods, culture, socialization, social structure, inequality, diversity, social institutions, social problems, deviant behavior, locality, geography, the environment, and social change. It also explains how sociology developed in different parts of the world, providing readers with a perspective on how sociology became the global discipline it is today. Each essay includes a discussion of how the respective subfield contributes to the overall discipline and to society. Written by some of the most respected scholars, teachers, and public sociologists in the world, the essays are highly readable and authoritative."--From
Print Book, English, 2017
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 2017
2 volumes ; 26 cm
9781107125896, 9781107125858, 9781107099746, 1107125898, 1107125855, 1107099749
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List of contributors; List of figures; List of tables; Introduction; Part I. Perspectives on Race: 1. Racial formation theory Eileen O'Brien; 2. Systemic racism Kimberley Ducey and Joe Feagin; 3. Color-blind racism Meghan Burke; 4. Critical race theory Mary Romero and Jeremiah Chin; Part II. Perspectives on Social Class: 5. Marxism and class Michelle Williams and Vishwas Satgar; 6. Pluralism Rick Zdan; 7. The class domination theory G. William Domhoff; Part III. Feminist perspectives: 8. Feminist theories Seung-Kyung Kim and Carole McCann; 9. Feminist methodologies Shulamit Reinharz and Nicholas Monroe; Part IV. Specialty Areas: 10. The sociology of nonhuman animals and society Elizabeth Cherry; 11. Quality-of-life /social indicators research Kenneth Land; 12. Visual sociology Vincent O'Brien; 13. The sociology of risk Jenns O. Zinn; 14. The sociology of disaster Thomas E. Drabek; 15. The sociology of mental health Teresa Scheid; 16. Sociobiology Rosemary L. Hopcroft; 17. The sociology of science and technology Miwao Matsumoto; 18. The sociology of violence Larry Ray; 19. Environmental justice David Pellow; 20. The sociology of food Anne Murcott; Part V. The Sociology of the Self: 21. The sociology of the body and embodiment Carla A. Pfeffer; 22. The sociology of emotions Kathryn J. Lively; 23. The sociology of friendship James A. Vela-McConnell; Part VI. The Sociology of the Life Course: 24. The sociology of children Gertrud Lenzer; 25. The sociology of aging Elizabeth W. Markson and Peter Stein; 26. The sociology of death and dying Ruth McManus; Part VII. Culture and Behavior: 27. The sociology of consumption Stanley Blue; 28. The sociology of leisure and recreation Robert Stebbins; 29. The sociology of popular culture Dustin Kidd, Amanda Turner and Jennifer Kim; 30. The sociology of art Alain Quemin; 31. The sociology of music Pam Kirk; Part VIII. Sociology's Impact on Society: 32. Public sociology Laura Nichols; 33. Humanist sociology Woody Doane; 34. Applied sociology Harry Perlstadt; 35. Clinical sociology Jan Fritz; 36. Teaching sociology: creating a citizenry with a sociological imagination Kathleen Lowney; Part IX. Related Fields: 37. Criminology Kaitlyn Clarke, Philip D. McCormack and Larry Siegel; 38. Criminal justice studies Gennifer Furst; 39. Social work Kathleen McInnis-Dittrich; 40. Social psychology Laurie O'Brien, Stefanie Simon and Caroline Tipler; 41. Sociology of translation and translation studies Rafael Schögler; 42. Women and gender studies Angela Jean Hattery and Earl Smith; Index.