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Approaches to teaching the works of Assia Djebar

Anne Donadey (Editor)
A significant and prolific francophone writer and filmmaker, Assia Djebar is celebrated for her experimental, multilingual prose and her nuanced, imaginative representations of Algeria. From her first novel, La soif (The Mischief), to her final book, Nulle part dans la maison de mon père ( No Place in My Father s House ), she offers a wealth of pedagogical and theoretical possibilities. Part 1, Materials, presents valuable teaching resources, including biographical information, French- and English-language editions of Djebar s writing, and secondary works. In part 2, Approaches, contributors address the issues of and controversy surrounding her oeuvre, drawing on a range of interdisciplinary approaches and classroom strategies. Topics in the volume include translation studies, Islamic feminism, colonial and postcolonial contexts, autobiographical writing, historiography, postmodern and avant-garde literary experimentation, and visual culture. Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak provides an afterword. This volume makes clear the political, intellectual, and artistic importance of Djebar. --
Print Book, English, 2017
The Modern Language Association of America, New York, 2017
x, 188 pages ; 24 cm.
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Preface / Anne Donadey
Part one : Materials / Anne Donadey. Her life
Editions, translations, and secondary sources
Part two : Approaches. Introduction / Anne Donadey
Historiographical approaches. Finding one's history : beyond chronology in L'amour, la fantasia / Martine Guyot-Bender ; "Attending to the past, the future is always around the corner" : narrative intervention in Assia Djebar's L'amour, la fantasia / Najat Rahman ; Seeds of change : Assia Djebar's Les enfants du nouveau monde / Children of the new world : a novel of the Algerian War / Mildred Morimer ; Early Islamic historiography : the background and sources of Loin de Médine / Hanan Elsayed
Interdisciplinary approaches. Don't claim to "speak for" Algerian women : reading Djebar across disciplinary borders / Diya Abdo and Maria Bobroff ; Visual and textual interplay : Delacroix, Picasso, Djebar, Balzac, and Fromentin / Thérèse De Raedt ; Using print, film, and news media to teach Assia Djebar's Oran, langue morte / Christa Jones ; Interdisciplinary approaches to teaching documentary genres in Assia Djebar's La femme sand sépulture and La disparition de la langue française / Annica Schjött Vonèche
Teaching Assia Djebar in dialogue. Teaching Assia Djebar's work in an age of fundamentalism / Kathryn Lackman ; Reading Assia Djebar in dialogue / Dana Strand ; Unraveling the limits of narrative and "the blood of writing" : teaching Assia Djebar's So vast the prison in comparative contexts / Vlatka Velčić
Cultural and linguistic contexts. Teaching Assia Djebar, Islam, and Islamic feminism in the post-9/11 world / Carine Bourget ; Teaching Assia Djebar to second- and third-year students of French and Francophone studies / Valéris J. Budig-Markin ; Writing in Bi-langue / Maya Boutaghou ; Tangled tongues ; teasing out multiple meanings in translation / Alison Rice ; How to teach Assia Djebar : an afterword / Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak