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Customer engagement marketing

Robert W. Palmatier (Editor), V. Kumar (Editor), Colleen M. Harmeling (Editor)
This book provides a synthesis of research perspectives on customer engagement through a collection of chapters from thought leaders. It identifies cutting-edge metrics for capturing and measuring customer engagement and highlights best practices in implementing customer engagement marketing strategies. Responding to the rapidly changing business landscape where consumers are more connected, accessible, and informed than ever before, many firms are investing in customer engagement marketing. The book will appeal to academics, practitioners, consultants, and managers looking to improve customer engagement.
Print Book, English, 2018
Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, Switzerland, 2018
xviii, 328 pages ; 22 cm
9783319619842, 9783319619859, 3319619845, 3319619853
Customer engagement marketing
If you build it right, they will engage: a study of antecedent conditions of customer engagement
Measuring and managing customer engagement value through the customer journey
Customer engagement through personalization and customization
Managing product returns within the customer value framework
Multi-tier loyalty programs to stimulate customer engagement
Happy users, grumpy bosses: current community engagement literature and the impact of support engagement in a B2B setting on user and upper management satisfaction
Customer engagement and employee engagement: a research review and agenda
The disruptive impact of customer engagement on the business-to-consumer sales force
Creating stronger brands through consumer experience and engagement
From customer to partner engagement: a conceptualization and typology of engagement in B2B
Engaging with brands: the influence of dispositional and situational brand engagement on customer advocacy
The emotional engagement paradox
Conclusion: Informing customer engagement marketing and future research