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History of economic analysis

At the time of his death, the author was working on this complete history of economics, from ancient Greece to the mid-20th century. It reflects his diverse interests in history, philosophy, sociology, and psychology. Major topics include the techniques of economic analysis, contemporaneous developments in other sciences, and the sociology of economics
Livre imprimé, English, 1954
Allen & Unwin, London, 1954
xxv, 1260 pages : illustrations 24 cm
9780415108881, 9780043300862, 9780043303764, 0415108888, 0043300863, 0043303765
pt. I. Introduction. Scope and method
pt. II. From the beginnings to the first classical situation (to about 1790)
pt. III. From 1790 to 1870
pt. IV. From 1870 to 1914 (and later)
pt. V. Conclusion. A sketch of modern developments