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Massumi, Brian

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Most widely held works by Brian Massumi
A user's guide to capitalism and schizophrenia : deviations from Deleuze and Guattari by Brian Massumi( )

22 editions published between 1992 and 1999 in English and held by 1,433 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

A user's guide to capitalism and schizophrenia is a playful and emphatically practical elaboration of the major collaborative work of the French philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari
A thousand plateaus : capitalism and schizophrenia by Gilles Deleuze( Book )

37 editions published between 1987 and 2019 in English and held by 1,390 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

A companion volume to Anti-Oedipus: capitalism and schizophrenia. Described as "a positive exercise in the affirmative "nomad" thought called for in Anti-Oedipus
Semblance and event : activist philosophy and the occurrent arts by Brian Massumi( )

19 editions published between 2011 and 2013 in English and held by 1,377 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

An investigation of the "occurrent arts" through the concepts of the "semblance" and "lived abstraction."
The postmodern condition : a report on knowledge by Jean-François Lyotard( Book )

17 editions published between 1984 and 2005 in English and French and held by 1,367 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Many definitions of postmodernism focus on its nature as the aftermath of the modern industrial age when technology developed. This book extends that analysis to postmodernism by looking at the status of science, technology, and the arts, the significance of technocracy, and the way the flow of information is controlled in the Western world
A shock to thought : expressions after Deleuze and Guattari by Brian Massumi( )

35 editions published between 2000 and 2006 in English and Undetermined and held by 1,363 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This text brings together essays exploring the implications of Deleuze and Guattari's philosophy of expression in contemporary contexts - beauty versus modernism, reflection to postmodernism, sensation and politics, and the conditions of emergence
The Politics of everyday fear by Brian Massumi( )

18 editions published in 1993 in English and held by 1,228 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The contemporary consumer is bombarded with fear-inducing images and information. This media shower of imagery is equalled only by the sheer quantity of fear-assuaging products offered for our consumption. The contributors address questions raised by the saturation of social space by capitalized fear
Thought in the act : passages in the ecology of experience by Erin Manning( )

14 editions published in 2014 in English and held by 943 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

""Every practice is a mode of thought, already in the act. To dance: a thinking in movement. To paint: a thinking through color. To perceive in the everyday: a thinking of the world's varied ways of affording itself." ... from Thought in the Act Combining philosophy and aesthetics, Thought in the Act is a unique exploration of creative practice as a form of thinking. Challenging the common opposition between the conceptual and the aesthetic, Erin Manning and Brian Massumi "think through" a wide range of creative practices in the process of their making, revealing how thinking and artfulness are intimately, creatively, and inseparably intertwined. They rediscover this intertwining at the heart of everyday perception and investigate its potential for new forms of activism at the crossroads of politics and art. Emerging from active collaborations, the book analyzes the experiential work of the architects and conceptual artists Arakawa and Gins, the improvisational choreographic techniques of William Forsythe, the recent painting practice of Bracha Ettinger, as well as autistic writers' self-descriptions of their perceptual world and the experimental event making of the SenseLab collective. Drawing from the idiosyncratic vocabularies of each creative practice, and building on the vocabulary of process philosophy, the book reactivates rather than merely describes the artistic processes it examines. The result is a thinking-with and a writing-in-collaboration-with these processes and a demonstration of how philosophy co-composes with the act in the making. Thought in the Act goes beyond proposing to enact a collaborative mode of thinking in the act at the intersection of art, philosophy, and politics."
Parables for the virtual : movement, affect, sensation by Brian Massumi( Book )

27 editions published between 2001 and 2021 in English and held by 765 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Although the body has been the focus of much contemporary cultural theory, the models that are typically applied neglect the most salient characteristics of embodied existence -- movement, affect, and sensation -- in favor of concepts derived from linguistic theory. In Parables for the Virtual Brian Massumi views the body and media such as television, film, and the Internet, as cultural formations that operate on multiple registers of sensation beyond the reach of the reading techniques founded on the standard rhetorical and semiotic models. Renewing and assessing William Jamesʹs radical empiricism and Henri Bergsonʹs philosophy of perception through the filter of the post-war French philosophy of Deleuze, Guattari, and Foucault, Massumi links a cultural logic of variation to questions of movement, affect, and sensation. -- Publisher description
Writing and madness : (literature/philosophy/psychoanalysis) by Shoshana Felman( Book )

4 editions published between 1985 and 2003 in English and held by 629 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The power at the end of the economy by Brian Massumi( )

24 editions published between 2014 and 2018 in English and French and held by 505 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Rational self-interest is often seen as being at the heart of liberal economic theory. In The Power at the End of the Economy Brian Massumi provides an alternative explanation, arguing that neoliberalism is grounded in complex interactions between the rational and the emotional. Offering a new theory of political economy that refuses the liberal prioritization of individual choice, Massumi emphasizes the means through which an individual's affective tendencies resonate with those of others on infra-individual and transindividual levels. This nonconscious dimension of social and political events plays out in ways that defy the traditional equation between affect and the irrational. Massumi uses the Arab Spring and the Occupy Movement as examples to show how transformative action that exceeds self-interest takes place. Drawing from David Hume, Michel Foucault, Gilles Deleuze, Niklas Luhmann and the field of nonconsciousness studies, Massumi urges a rethinking of the relationship between rational choice and affect, arguing for a reassessment of the role of sympathy in political and economic affairs. About The Author(s) Brian Massumi is Professor of Communication at the University of Montreal. Publisher's note
What animals teach us about politics by Brian Massumi( )

20 editions published between 2014 and 2019 in English and French and held by 492 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

In this volume, Brian Massumi takes up the question of 'the animal.' By treating the human as animal, he develops a concept of an animal politics. His is not a human politics of the animal, but an integrally animal politics, freed from connotations of the 'primitive' state of nature and the accompanying presuppositions about instinct permeating modern thought. Massumi integrates notions marginalized by the dominant currents in evolutionary biology, animal behaviour, and philosophy - notions such as play, sympathy, and creativity - into the concept of nature
Ontopower : war, powers, and the state of perception by Brian Massumi( )

11 editions published between 2015 and 2016 in English and held by 473 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Color coded terror alerts, invasion, drone war, rampant surveillance: all manifestations of the type of new power Brian Massumi theorizes in Ontopower. Through an in-depth examination of the War on Terror and the culture of crisis, Massumi identifies the emergence of preemption, which he characterizes as the operative logic of our time. Security threats, regardless of the existence of credible intelligence, are now felt into reality. Whereas nations once waited for a clear and present danger to emerge before using force, a threat's felt reality now demands launching a preemptive strike. Power refocuses on what may emerge, as that potential presents itself to feeling. This affective logic of potential washes back from the war front to become the dominant mode of power on the home front as well. This is ontopower the mode of power embodying the logic of preemption across the full spectrum of force, from the hard (military intervention) to the "soft" (surveillance). With Ontopower, Massumi provides an original theory of power that explains not only current practices of war but the culture of insecurity permeating our contemporary neoliberal condition.--
Politics of affect by Brian Massumi( Book )

20 editions published between 2015 and 2019 in English and held by 338 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"'The capacity to affect and be affected'. This simple definition opens a world of questions -- by indicating an openness to the world. To affect and to be affected is to be in encounter, and to be in encounter is to have already ventured forth. Adventure: far from being enclosed in the interiority of a subject, affect concerns an immediate participation in the events of the world. It is about intensities of experience. What is politics made of, if not adventures and encounter? What are encounters, if not adventures of relation? The moment we begin to speak of affect, we are already venturing into the political dimension of relational encounter. This is the dimension of experience in-the-making. This is the level at which politics is emergent. In these wide ranging interviews, Brian Massumi explores this emergent politics of affect, weaving between philosophy, political theory and everyday life. The discussions wend their way 'transversally': passing between the tired oppositions which too often encumber thought, such as subject/object, body/mind and nature/culture. New concepts are gradually introduced to remap the complexity of relation and encounter for a politics of emergence: 'differential affective attunement', 'collective individuation', 'micropolitics', 'thinking-feeling', 'ontopower', 'immanent critique'. These concepts are not offered as definitive solutions. Rather, they are designed to move the inquiry still further, for an ongoing exploration of the political problems posed by affect. Politics of Affect offers an accessible entry-point into the work of one of the defining figures of the last quarter century, as well as opening up new avenues for philosophical reflection and political engagement." -- Publisher's description
Architectures of the unforeseen : essays in the occurrent arts by Brian Massumi( )

9 editions published in 2019 in English and held by 293 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Bringing the creative process of three contemporary artists into conversation, 'Architectures of the Unforeseen' stages an encounter between philosophy and art and design. Its gorgeous prose invites the reader to think along with Brian Massumi as he thoroughly embodies the work of these artists, walking the line that separates theory from art and providing equally nurturing sustenance for practicing artists and working philosophers.0Based on Massumi's lengthy-and in two cases decades-long-relationships with digital architect Greg Lynn, interactive media artist Rafael-Lozano Hemmer, and mixed-media installation creator Simryn Gill, 'Architectures of the Unforeseen' delves into their processes of creating art. The book's primary interest is in what motivates each artist's practice-the generative knots that inspire creativity-and in how their pieces work to give off their unique effects. More than a series of profiles or critical pieces, Massumi's essays are creative, developing new philosophical concepts and offering rigorous sentiments about art and creativity.0Asking fundamental questions about nature, culture, and the emergence of the new, 'Architectures of the Unforeseen' is important original research on artists that are pioneers in their field. Equally valuable to the everyday reader and those engaged in scholarly work, it is destined to become an important book not only for the fields of digital architecture, interactive media, and installation art, but also more basically for our knowledge of art and creativity
Animals, animality, and literature by Bruce Thomas Boehrer( Book )

8 editions published in 2018 in English and held by 238 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Animals, Animality, and Literature offers readers a one-volume survey of literary animal studies in both its theoretical and applied dimensions. Focusing on English literary history, with scrupulous attention to the interplay between English and foreign influences, this collection gathers together the work of nineteen internationally-noted specialists in this growing discipline. Offering discussion of English literary works from Beowulf to Virginia Woolf and beyond, this book explores to the ways human/animal difference has been historically activated within the literary context: in devotional works, in philosophical and zoological treatises, in plays and poems and novels, and more recently within emerging narrative genres such as cinema and animation. With an introductory overview of the historical development of animal studies and afterword looking to the field's future possibilities, Animals, Animality, and Literature provides a wide-ranging survey of where this discipline currently stands" --
Body mécanique : artistic explorations of digital realms by Sarah Rogers-Lafferty( Book )

5 editions published in 1998 in English and held by 194 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

99 theses on the revaluation of value : a postcapitalist manifesto by Brian Massumi( Book )

6 editions published in 2018 in English and held by 178 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

A speculative exploration of value, emphasizing practical experimentation in its future forms How can we begin to envision a postcapitalist economy without first engineering a radically new concept of value? And with a renewed sense of how and what we collectively value, what would the transition to new social forms look like? According to Brian Massumi, it is time to reclaim value from the capitalist market and the neoliberal reduction of life to human capital. It is time to occupy surplus-value for a postcapitalist future. 99 Theses on the Revaluation of Value is both a theoretical and practical manifesto. Massumi reexamines ideas about money, exchange, and finance, with special attention to how what we value in experience for quality is economically translated into quantity. He proposes new conceptual tools for understanding value in directly qualitative terms, speculating on how this revaluation of value might practically form the basis of an alter-economy. A promising path, he suggests, might involve emerging blockchain technologies beyond bitcoin. But these must be uprooted from their libertarian origins and redesigned to serve not individual choice but collective creativity, not calculations of self-interest but collaborative speculations on the future to be shared. It is necessary to grasp the specificity of our contemporary neoliberal condition and the ultimately destructive forms of power it mobilizes to better resist their claim on the future. 99 Theses on the Revaluation of Value is written to galvanize a radical redefinition of value for a livable postcapitalist future. --
Interact or die( Book )

3 editions published in 2007 in English and held by 128 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Interaction is a defining characteristic of every living being. Bodies and objects build connections, from networks, and then through interaction, achieve organization, structure, memory and heredity, the only selection criterion for interaction is whether it works, that is, whether it is operational." "Interactivity is on the one hand a method of bringing something into being - a form, a structure, an organization, a body, an institute, a work of art - and on the other hand a way of dealing with it."--BOOK JACKET
Sympathy of things : Ruskin and the ecology of design by Lars Spuybroek( Book )

5 editions published between 2011 and 2016 in English and held by 112 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"'If there is one thing we can learn from John Ruskin, it is that each age must find its own way to beauty' writes Lars Spuybroek in The Sympathy of Things, his ground-breaking work which proposes a radical new aesthetics for the digital era. Spuybroek argues that we must 'undo' the twentieth century and learn to understand the aesthetic insights of the nineteenth-century art critic John Ruskin, from which he distils pointers for the contemporary age. Linking philosophy, design, and the digital, with art history, architecture, and craft, Spuybroek explores the romantic notion of 'sympathy', a core concept in Ruskin's aesthetics, re-evaluating it as the driving force of the twenty-first century aesthetic experience. For Ruskin, beauty always comprises variation, imperfection and fragility, three concepts that wholly disappeared from our mindsets during the twentieth century, but which Spuybroek argues to be central to contemporary aesthetics and design. Revised throughout, and a new foreword by philosopher Brian Massumi, this is a new edition of a seminal work which has drawn praise from fields as diverse as digital architecture and speculative realism, and will continue to be influential as it wrests Ruskin's ideas out of the Victorian era and reconstructs them for the modern age."--Publisher
The principle of unrest : activist philosophy in the expanded field by Brian Massumi( )

1 edition published in 2017 in English and held by 97 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

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A shock to thought : expressions after Deleuze and Guattari
A thousand plateaus : capitalism and schizophreniaSemblance and event : activist philosophy and the occurrent artsThe postmodern condition : a report on knowledgeA shock to thought : expressions after Deleuze and GuattariThe Politics of everyday fearThought in the act : passages in the ecology of experienceParables for the virtual : movement, affect, sensationWriting and madness : (literature/philosophy/psychoanalysis)
Alternative Names
Brian Massumi, 1956-

Brian Massumi Canadees filosoof

Brian Massumi Canadian philosopher

Brian Massumi fealsamh Ceanadach

Brian Massumi filòsof canadenc

Brian Massumi filósofo canadiense

Brian Massumi filozof kanadez

Brian Massumi kanadischer Philosoph und Hochschullehrer

Brian Massumi philosophe canadien

Массуми, Брайан

بريان ماسومى

마수미, 브라이언 1956-


マスミ, ブライアン


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