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L'univers romanesque de Didier Van Cauwelaert : la naissance dans l'écriture by Mariane Bitar( )

1 edition published in 2016 in French and held by 14 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

In the present study, we analyze all the novels of Didier van Cauwelaert, a writer from Nice, in aim to demonstrate the different aspects of his writing and their relation with his personality. Our thesis tries to find answers to many questions as: is the writing of DVC a writing of birth or of death? What are the particularities of his novels' universe? How do this universe and the writing take shape? What kind of space the novels constitute?This research is composed of three parts: the first, Cauwalaert's signature, studies the stylistic particularities of the writer. We develop his style, the piecemeal, playful, musical writing, and we show how he stylizes his texts by developing possible texts. We analyze also the psychocritic nucleus revealing his personal myth and we study the multiple sub-genres of his novels: the fantastic, comic and police ones. The second part is entitled the inter actions around the text. It envisages the relations uniting the writer to his texts, to the lector and to other writers. We ask the genesis of this fictional universe and the image of the writer through his novels.The third and last part, the massif of novels, aims the casting, the distribution of roles, the fiction and the form of narration. This part of the study envisages the diachronic progression of all the novels. We look into the evolution of the writer and his relationship with his time. Finally, we analyze the space of the novels that gives structure to a novel-space which is a universe of hope and emotion where the narrative instances melt and the perception creates a miniature world
La biodiversité végétale au service des ingrédients naturels : étude des propriétés antimicrobiennes et antioxydantes d'extraits végétaux et développement d'un conservateur naturel pour l'industrie cosmétique by Florence Merck( )

1 edition published in 2017 in French and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This PhD thesis is part of the NATUBAVAL project that aims at discovering new natural preservatives for the cosmetics industry, issued from one of the world's biodiversity hotspots: the Mediterranean Basin. Seventeen plant extracts were obtained and screened for their antimicrobial properties against Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Aspergillus brasiliensis and Candida albicans and their antioxidant capacity. Santolina chamaecyparissus extract was found to present superior properties and selected for further investigation. A bioguided fractionation permitted to isolate the major compound of the most active fraction, that was identified as the active compound, a known spiroketal enol from the polyacetylenes family. An optimization of the crude extract of interest was then performed in order to maximize its activity and to face the challenge of an industrial scale-up and its incorporation in a cosmetic formulation. Finally, this study introduces a natural ingredient development strategy that might potentially be used as an alternative to synthetic preservatives in cosmetics
Estimation des mouvements sismiques à Port-au-Prince (Haïti) : mesures des amplifications locales et simulations numériques by Sadrac St Fleur( Book )

2 editions published in 2016 in French and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

In order to help estimating the seismic ground motion expected in the Port-au-Prince area (Haiti), we characterize local site effects, pointing out the seismic waves trapped in the loose layer of Cul-de-Sac basin, and provide realistic synthetic accelerograms for an hypothetical future earthquake.To this end, we propose to analyze signals from 78 earthquakes that occurred between March 2010and February 2013, by applying two methods of spectral ratios : The H/V earthquake method and the classical spectral ratio (SSR). A strong spatial variability was observed in the measured amplifications, which is quite consistent with the heterogeneous surface geology of the area. We notice in particular strong amplification on marine sediments close to the coast. In the foothills of the Massif de la Selle the reflection of the seismic waves lead to the concentration of the wave fields that strongly amplify seismic ground motion at the top of the hills. In addition, an increase of the signal duration due to the presence of surface waves was also highlighted on some stations of the plain. For the generation of synthetic accelerograms, we first use Empirical Green functions (EGF) method. The results show that the strongest acceleration is expected in Quaternary sediments near the coast and on the ridge of south hills of Port-au-Prince. Then, a hybrid simulation method combining complex transfer functions (amplitude and phase) and the EGF simulation on bedrock was set up and validated from testing on instrumented sites in the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince
Évaluation et prise en charge des troubles émotionnels par le biais des nouvelles technologies by Auriane Gros( )

2 editions published between 2015 and 2017 in French and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Emotions and new technologies often sound as an impossible association. However, in recent years, new Information and Communication Technologies (nICT) such as wearable sensors and software for activity recognition have enabled to assess emotions more accurately. This dissertation aimed at developing and testing various nICT-based tools allowing a better assessment and management of emotions, either at the behavioral, physiological or cognitive level. I started with a literature review of the existing nICT for the assessment and management of emotional disorders. I then gathered recommendations for the use of nICT from experts in the field, as well from interns in psychiatry and general practitioners (Study 1). Next, I developed a computerized test to assess impairments in emotional experience and emotion regulation at the physiological and cognitive level (Study 2). Study 3 consisted in developing a tool to manage emotional disorders at the physiological and cognitive level by means of a multisensory, virtual immersion, and assessing the effects of this immersion on the verbal ability of patients with and without cognitive impairment. Finally, in Study 4 I developed an automated platform for the assessment and management of emotional disorders at the behavioral level. In this context, I developed and evaluated the interest of employing activity recognition algorithms for the detection of behavioral emotional disorders, and I evaluated the effects of nonpharmacological solutions based on aromatherapy, music therapy and serious games for the management of these disorders
Le risque de tsunami dans les Alpes-Maritimes, quelles réalités ? Quelles méthodes d'analyses de l'aléa et de la vulnérabilité ? by Laurie Boschetti( )

2 editions published in 2020 in French and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Tsunamis are complex phenomena that can result from various natural events, such as earthquakes, landslides, or volcanic eruptions. Their amplitude is driven by source characteristics and intensity of the precursor event, continental shelf morphology, and distance to the coast. Although most of tsunamis are located in the Pacific ocean, 15 % of mondial events happened in the Mediterranean Sea (NOAA, 2017). The coastlines of the Alpes-Maritimes are not spared, and have been impacted by two main events : the February 23, 1887 tsunami, which followed the Ligurian earthquake, and the October 19, 1979 tsunami, caused by the collapse of a part of the new harbour construction at the Nice airport. The shoreline of the Alpes-Maritimes concentrates many human, economical, and material assets. Besides, because of the low tsunami frequency, its population is only poorly aware of the associated risk. The presence and the increased development of coastal assets, along with the potential occurence an event, have led the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of the United Nations to call for preparedness for tsunamis in the Mediterranean Sea.Here, risk is defined as the association of a phenomenon occurence, i.e. a tsunami, with the vulnerability of a territory's assets, the Côte d'Azur coastline. We aim at identifying and characterizing tsunami risk along the French Ligurian Riviera. To do so, we analyze and produce hazard and vulnerability maps using specific methodologies. We first focus on tsunami hazard analysis in the Alpes-Maritimes, identifying and characterizing its magnitude and intensity. Numerical simulations were performed to obtain raw data (runup, current, spatial extent of the flood, etc.). We propose a new tsunami intensity scale combining flood heights, currents and damage to the coast and at sea (biophysical vulnerability). Second, we investigate the territorial vulnerability of the region, concentrating on its main strategic assets and highlighting sensitive areas. We then built on the separate analysis of these two components to assess the coastal tsunami risk. We use two different approaches: the first one is index-based (with three index levels), while the second is normalization-based. This multidisciplinary work, at the confluence between Earth and Human sciences, demonstrates that tsunami risk exists in the Alpes-Maritimes and that it should be integrated in risk prevention and in the gestion of the territory
Mesures optiques de profils de turbulence pour les futurs systèmes d'optique adaptative et d'observation by Khanh Linh Nguyen( )

1 edition published in 2018 in French and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide

The knowledge of atmospheric turbulence in horizontal aim allows to better understand the physics of the heat fluxes at the ground-atmosphere interface. It also allows, in vertical aim, to improve the performance of future wide-field adaptive optics systems for astronomical observation. The profile of Cn²locally characterizes the force of turbulence. The CO-SLIDAR method, developed by ONERA, allows profiles of Cn² along the line of sight of the telescope, from the slopes and scintillations of a double source measured by Shack-Hartmann analyzer. This method was validated in vertical aim but had not yet shown its effectiveness in horizontal aim. The two experiments in Lannemezan and Châtillon-Meudon introduced a new Shack-Hartmann Infrared profilometer: the SCINDAR. They were carried out on heterogeneous and piecewise homogeneous surfaces respectively, and they participate in the validation of the method for agronomic and ecological applications. My study consists of improving SCINDAR profilometer signal processing and validating the CO-SLIDAR method for near-ground atmospheric turbulence measurements. This method has been adapted using a spherical wave propagation formalism. The study identified and took into account sources of error in processing: the cold machine vibration of the SCINDAR cryogenic wavefront analyzer and the extent of the sources in the weight functions of the direct model set for data processing. My study focuses on improvement of the SCINDAR data processing and experimental validation profiles Cn² obtained with Cn² measurements acquired by scintillometers. I first built a database of slopes and scintillations of verified quality. For the inversion of the data, I chose the L1L2 regularization which is suitable for near-ground Cn² measurements. The method of setting the hyperparameters of this regularization is unsupervised. It makes it possible to increase the reliability and the accuracy of the Cn² profile estimation in a pragmatic way using the relative errors of the macroscopic turbulent parameters. The SCINDAR profilometer with the improved CO-SLIDAR method finally produces Cn² profiles of excellent quality. These profiles are successfully compared to scintillometer measurements. All of this work constitues the adaptation of the CO-SLIDAR method for measurements of near-ground turbulence
Prise en charge du « copie et appropriation » dans les lignes de produits logiciels by Eddy Ghabach( )

1 edition published in 2018 in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide

Une Ligne de Produits Logiciels (LPL) supporte la gestion d'une famille de logiciels. Cette approche se caractérise par une réutilisation systématique des artefacts communs qui réduit le coût et le temps de mise sur le marché et augmente la qualité des logiciels. Cependant, une LPL exige un investissement initial coûteux. Certaines organisations qui ne peuvent pas faire face à un tel investissement, utilisent le « Clone-and-own » C&O pour construire et faire évoluer des familles de logiciels. Cependant, l'efficacité de cette pratique se dégrade proportionnellement à la croissance de la famille de produits, qui devient difficile à maintenir. Dans cette thèse, nous proposons une approche hybride qui utilise à la fois une LPL et l'approche C&O pour faire évoluer une famille de produits logiciels. Un mécanisme automatique d'identification des correspondances entre les « features » caractérisant les produits et les artéfacts logiciels, permet la migration des variantes de produits développées en C&O dans une LPL. L'originalité de ce travail est alors d'aider à la dérivation de nouveaux produits en proposant différents scenarii d'opérations C&O à effectuer pour dériver un nouveau produit à partir des features requis. Le développeur peut alors réduire ces possibilités en exprimant ses préférences (e.g. produits, artefacts) et en utilisant les estimations de coûts sur les opérations que nous proposons. Les nouveaux produits ainsi construits sont alors facilement intégrés dans la LPL. Nous avons étayé cette thèse en développant le framework SUCCEED (SUpporting Clone-and-own with Cost-EstimatEd Derivation) et l'avons appliqué à une étude de cas sur des familles de portails web
Réalisation de méta-optiques à base de matériaux semi-conducteurs III-V pour des applications dans le visible by Gauthier Briere( )

1 edition published in 2019 in French and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide

In the past years, new optical components have appeared. These components, known as "meta-optics" or "metasurfaces", made it possible to control and to shape the wavefront of the light. This allows the control of any incident beam and the creation of conventional optical functionalities, such as focusing or deflecting the light, or functionalities with additional features such as the possibility of creating polarization-dependent meta-holograms. Indeed, thanks to the periodic arrangement of resonators with sub-wavelength geometric dimensions, it is possible to obtain an arbitrary local control of the incident beam. Nevertheless, even though many applications have been demonstrated in the community, only a few materials are found to be compatible for the industrial development of these components. In addition, in order to pass from passive to active components for the fabrication of dynamic devices, it is necessary to switch from dielectric materials to semiconductor materials. For these reasons, we are interested in the use of a semiconductor material, Gallium Nitride, for the development of metasurface components. We first present a numerical study of the nanostructures used during this work. Then, we show how the design of our meta-optics is done by presenting the numerical conception method and nanofabrication processes used, which includes a new etching technique compatible only with crystalline materials while preserving their optical properties. Finally, we suggest different applications where our components can be used, such as: the development of metalenses with high numerical aperture and large surface; the optimization of metasurface high contrast gratings allowing to reach diffraction efficiencies higher than 80%; or the fabrication of meta-holograms preserving the information of the orbital angular momentum of the incident beam
Compression d'images et de vidéos inspirée du fonctionnement de la rétine by Effrosyni Doutsi( )

1 edition published in 2017 in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide

Cette thèse vise à proposer une nouvelle architecture de codage vidéo qui s'inspire du système visuel des mammifères et de la rétine. La rétine peut être considérée comme une machine intelligente qui traite le stimulus visuel de façon très efficace. De ce fait, elle représente une grande source d'inspiration pour développer de nouveaux systèmes de traitement d'image. Il y a plusieurs raisons pour cela : elle consomme peu d'énergie, elle traite des entrées haute résolution et sa façon de transformer et d'encoder de manière dynamique le stimulus visuel dépasse les normes actuelles. Nous avons souhaité étudier et proposer un codec vidéo inspiré de la rétine. L'algorithme proposé a été appliqué à un flux vidéo d'une manière simple, suivant le principe des standards de codage MJPEG ou MJPEG2000. Cette approche permet au lecteur d'étudier et d'explorer tous les avantages du traitement dynamique de la rétine en termes de compression et de traitement d'image. La performance actuelle du codec que nous avons développé est très prometteuse. Les résultats montrent des performances supérieures à MJPEG pour des débits inférieurs à 100 kbps et MPEG-2 pour des débits supérieurs à 70 kpbs. De plus, à faibles débits, le codec proposé décrit mieux le contenu de la scène d'entrée. De nombreuses perspectives sont proposées afin d'améliorer ce codec inspiré de la rétine qui semblent conduire à un nouveau paradigme en compression vidéo
L'histoire des mathématiques au service d'une nouvelle didactique de la discipline dans les cursus scolaires au Sénégal : approches théoriques et applications by Oumar Sagna( )

1 edition published in 2019 in French and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide

Our experience as a mathematics teacher has led us to explore a way that is still underused in Senegal, introducing a historical perspective into mathematics education, to check if it could interest students and motivate them to scientific studies.This thesis, which consists of seven chapters; the first five of which deal with the state of the art and the theoretical approaches. The last two describe and analyze the experimentation carried out in class of “Quatrième” at a College in the suburbs of Dakar.Chapter I is devoted on the one hand to the nature and specificity of mathematics to better understand the difficulties related to its teaching, and on the other hand to a review of the literature on the introduction of a historical perspective into teaching of mathematics, which clarified the use of history in the mathematics classroom. In this chapter are also defined the didactic framework of the thesis and the methodology used to carry out an experimentation in class of “Quatrième”.The context of our research was then detailed in Chapter II through a thorough description of the Senegalese educational system characterized by good results in the construction of classrooms and new scientific and technical blocks (BST), the parity index favorable to girls in primary school and high schools, but also by insufficiencies with the plethoric numbers of students, the weakness of the pedagogic supervision, the desertion of the scientific disciplines, the poor results in examinations certifications and external evaluations in mathematics.The presence of the History of Mathematics in curricula, textbooks and teacher training schemes is examined in Chapter III and compared to France, which has enormous potential in the field.These historical informations served as the subject for the didactic analysis proposed in Chapter IV, which also contains another input to the analysis: the illustrated description of the different types of use of the History of Mathematics. The didactic analysis inspired us in the development of a repertoire integrating the History of Mathematics, proposed to evolve the Senegalese programs.Chapter V, quizzes mathematics students and teachers, prior to the experiment, to collect and analyze their opinions and practices regarding the introduction of a historical perspective. The President of the National Commission of Mathematics (CNM) of Senegal is also put to contribution, through an interview, to give his opinion on the question and to bring us clarifications on some options of the program.The experimentation that we have done is discussed in Chapter VI and concerns six sessions in class of "Quatrième" which relate to the intersection of a circle and a line, the condition of existence of a triangle, the history of numbers, the equation modelling, the resolution of equations of the type ax + b = 0, and the theorem of Pythagoras. We have conceived their didactic engineering. They were then tested by a teacher in our presence. The sequences in the classroom were filmed and transcribed.The last chapter focuses on the analysis of experimentation, which was based on Chevallard's Anthropological Theory of Didactics (TAD) through praxeology and didactical moments to study students'tasks and filmed sequences. Barbin's three hypothetical arguments, namely replacement, disorientation, and cultural understanding, were also used in this chapter, along with the analysis of questionnaire responses and interviews submitted to students one year after the experiment, to measure positive effects of experimentation on students.The general conclusion provides information on the results of the experiment which are on the whole very promising in the framework of the improvement of the teaching lessons of the mathematics in Senegal despite the difficulties noted in the management of the time and related to the large number of students in the class where the experiment took place
La pensée sonore du corps : Pour une approche écologique à la médiation technologique, au mouvement et à l'interaction sonore by Andrea Giomi( )

1 edition published in 2017 in French and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide

During the last years, motion sensing technologies have radically transformed the universe of the artistic practice. This dramatic change has recently inspired new perspectives in scientific research. Music is actually among the most affected domaines by this expressive and epistemological renewal. The interactive relation between mediation technology, movement and sound, seems to be declined into two main modalities : on one hand, movement analysis' technologies allow to study mutual connections between acoustic phenomenon and sensorimotor system, on the other hand, embodied understanding of musical experience can help to devise an holistic approach to interactive systems conception and development. Given this background scenario, this thesis focuses on how movement's qualities transformation into sound allows the performer to become aware of physiological and imaginative processes in gesture composition. In this framework, sound feedback-movement relation is analyzed from an ecological point of view. According to this approach, mediation technology seems to elicit an autopoietic process of extension and intensification of corporeality. Especially in the artistic performance, sound interaction offers to performer a new sensorial geography that allows him/her to renew his/her perceptive organization and thereby rethink expressive composition of movement
Étude et conception d'un nouveau système intégré à une plateforme de monitoring pour la détection des décharges partielles en UHF pour les équipements électriques by Alexandre Marchal( )

1 edition published in 2019 in French and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide

La société SENSeOR a développé un système dédié à la surveillance de la température pour les équipements moyenne/haute tension afin d'éviter certaines pannes pouvant avoir des conséquences majeures sur le réseau d'énergie électrique. Cependant, des phénomènes autres que l'augmentation de la température sont aussi présents dans ces équipements à l'instar des décharges partielles (DP) dont la détection permettrait d'établir un diagnostic fiable et efficace de l'état de santé de l'appareil. C'est ce que propose le travail de recherche présenté. Pour cela, nous présenterons les caractéristiques définissant l'isolation d'un système électrique et les différentes propriétés régissant le phénomène de décharge partielle. Nous exposons également les problématiques et objectifs ainsi que l'intérêt d'opter pour la méthode UHF comme méthode de détection et pourquoi cibler des topologies d'antennes de type Ultra Large Bande (ULB) en tant que capteurs de DP, et en quoi ce type d'antenne, constitue un allié fort dans la détection des DP. La conception d'une nouvelle antenne ULB imprimée et miniature adaptée au contexte de détection des DP, à savoir un environnement restreint de type cavité métallique telle qu'une cellule moyenne tension AIS (Air Insulated Switchgear) est ensuite présentée ainsi que la technique utilisée pour élargir sa bande passante. La dernière partie de ce travail est consacré à l'élaboration du système complet de détection UHF des DP avec la description des développements hardware et logiciel. Enfin, les différents tests mis en place en laboratoire et in-situ afin de valider et caractériser le système conçu sont présentés
HACE1 E3 ubiquitine ligase : caractérisation de sa régulation par phosphorylation et mise en évidence de son rôle dans la cohésion cellulaire by María Isabel Acosta-López( )

1 edition published in 2017 in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide

HACE1 est une E3 ubiquitine ligase qui contrôle notamment l'activité de la petite GTPase Rac1 en catalysant son ubiquitination dégradative. Rac1 contrôle de nombreux processus cellulaires tels que l'adhérence, la migration et la prolifération. Aussi, la perte d'expression d'HACE1 dues à des altérations génétiques ou épigénétiques est associée à des pathologies humaines tels que le cancer, des syndromes neurodégénératifs et des maladies développementales. Pourtant, malgré l'importance de HACE1 en physiopathologie, rien n'est connu sur la régulation post-traductionnelle de son activité. Au cours de ce travail, nous avons montré que la serine 385 de HACE1 est phosphorylée par les kinases PAKs de groupe I en réponse à l'activation de Rac1 et de Cdc42. Nous montrons que le mutant phospho-mimetic HACE1(S385E) présente une activité réduite d'ubiquitination de Rac1. De plus, nous mettons en évidence un rôle centrale de la régulation de la Ser-385 par phosphorylation dans l'oligomérisation de HACE1, définissant ainsi les bases moléculaires de la relation entre structure et fonction de HACE1. En parallèle, nous avons déterminé que la perte d'expression d'HACE1 altère la cohésion des jonctions entre cellules épithéliales. Cet effet de dissociation s'apparente à une transition épithelio-mésenchymateuse (EMT) caractérisée par un échange d'expression de la E-cadhérine par la N-cadhérine régulé au niveau transcriptionnel. L'ensemble de ce travail a donc permis de mettre en évidence un mode inédit de régulation par phosphorylation de l'activité de HACE1 contrôlée par les kinases PAK du groupe I, ainsi qu'un rôle majeur de HACE1 dans la régulation de la cohésion cellulaire et l'EMT
Analyse temporelle et sémantique des réseaux sociaux typés à partir du contenu de sites généré par des utilisateurs sur le Web by Zide Meng( )

1 edition published in 2016 in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide

Nous proposons une approche pour détecter les sujets, les communautés d'intérêt non disjointes,l'expertise, les tendances et les activités dans des sites où le contenu est généré par les utilisateurs et enparticulier dans des forums de questions-réponses tels que StackOverFlow. Nous décrivons d'abordQASM (Questions & Réponses dans des médias sociaux), un système basé sur l'analyse de réseauxsociaux pour gérer les deux principales ressources d'un site de questions-réponses: les utilisateurs et lecontenu. Nous présentons également le vocabulaire QASM utilisé pour formaliser à la fois le niveaud'intérêt et l'expertise des utilisateurs. Nous proposons ensuite une approche efficace pour détecter lescommunautés d'intérêts. Elle repose sur une autre méthode pour enrichir les questions avec un tag plusgénéral en cas de besoin. Nous comparons trois méthodes de détection sur un jeu de données extrait dusite populaire StackOverflow. Notre méthode basée sur le se révèle être beaucoup plus simple et plusrapide, tout en préservant la qualité de la détection. Nous proposons en complément une méthode pourgénérer automatiquement un label pour un sujet détecté en analysant le sens et les liens de ses mots-clefs.Nous menons alors une étude pour comparer différents algorithmes pour générer ce label. Enfin, nousétendons notre modèle de graphes probabilistes pour modéliser conjointement les sujets, l'expertise, lesactivités et les tendances. Nous le validons sur des données du monde réel pour confirmer l'efficacité denotre modèle intégrant les comportements des utilisateurs et la dynamique des sujets
De Constantinople à Istanbul : la représentation nuancée des Ottomans par des voyageurs européens aux XVe et XVIe siècles by Rami Mahjoub( )

1 edition published in 2017 in French and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide

Après la conquête de Constantinople en 1453, la nécessité de recueillir des informations mises à jour sur la ville et ses nouveaux dirigeants est devenue une nécessité. Non seulement la documentation disponible sur les Turcs était obsolète, les Ottomans eux-mêmes étaient différents de la dynastie Seldjouqide rencontrée pendant les Croisades. Européens et asiatiques, musulmans et chrétiens, turcs et grecs, cerner la société ottomane était une tâche ardue qui demandait un fin observateur. Les Ottomans étaient impliqués dans presque toutes les affaires européennes et méditerranéennes, soit par la formation d'alliances, des déclarations de guerre, la création d'états vassaux ou l'établissement de routes commerciales. Le Saint Empire, la France et les villes italiennes furent parmi les premiers à envoyer des émissaires à Constantinople. Les récits des voyageurs offrent une variété de témoignages de première main sur la manière dont la capitale de l'Empire ottoman était régie des activités de la vie quotidienne jusqu'à la vision politique du sultan. L'identité du voyageur joue un rôle important dans la détermination du contenu de son rapport. Un ambassadeur, un espion, voit les choses différemment d'un marchand ou d'un moine. La perception de la réalité ottomane elle-même évolue du début à la fin du séjour. La représentation du Turc moyen, du sultan, des Grecs et d'autres minorités à Constantinople donne un aperçu de la représentation sociale et politique de soi et de l'autre en Europe pendant la Renaissance. Les comparaisons fréquentes avec l'Empire romain montrent que, étonnement, les Ottomans héritent de certaines caractéristiques qui expliquent leur âge d'or avec Mehmet le Conquérant et Suleyman le Magnifique. Le résultat du croisement des récits conduit à la conclusion inattendue que non seulement Constantinople devenait Istanbul, mais elle renouait avec ses racines romaines
Réinsertion et peines de milieu ouvert by Clarisse Nimal( )

1 edition published in 2019 in French and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide

The 21st century marks a decisive turning point in the history of the law of the enforcement of sentences. The function of rehabilitating a convicted person has gradually become of paramount importance, only to be enshrined as a contemporary function of sentencing. In the face of the unanimous observation that the prison institution has failed to achieve the fundamental objectives of criminal policies to prevent recidivism and criminal overcrowding, the use of open-setting sentences has been constantly promoted by the legislator as a recourse. This type of sentence is considered to be the cornerstone of the offender's reintegration and therefore the mean to achieve less recidivism. Nonetheless, despite their undeniable potential in terms of the rehabilitation of the convicted person, it appears that they cannot achieve the objectives set out without an increased investment in the field of probation. However, the administrative body responsible for their implementation and monitoring has clearly insufficient human and material resources in this respect, leading to not completely fulfill the socio-educational requirements for these penalties. In addition, criminal policy makers should take into consideration the possibility to move away from the paradigm of confinement in order to ensure coherence and efficiency. Only under these conditions can the endemic phenomena of prison overcrowding and recidivism be effectively controlled. Will the French criminal justice system be able to make these profound and life altering changes ?
Effet de l'irradiation laser sur les couronnes céramiques usinées en CFAO : propriétés chimiques et mécaniques et étanchéité bactérienne by Ahmed El Gamal( )

1 edition published in 2017 in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide

The purpose is to study the physical and chemical properties of CAD/CAM ceramics irradiated with CO2 and Nd:YAP lasers and to evaluate surface adhesion of ceramic crowns by microleakage test with a mono bacterial biofilm and a FISH technique. Methods : Evaluations tests were: Micro hardness, roughness, surface wettability, shear bond strength and EDS. 60 samples Two ceramics used: lithium disilicate and zirconia ceramics were prepared for different test. For microleakage test:Six ceramics crowns of different ceramics were contaminated with a Streptococcus salivarius biofilm for 10 d. Fluorescence in situ hybridization technique was applied samples were examined with confocal laser microscope. Results: Shear bond test showed significant difference between irradiated and non irradiated (p. value= 0,014 S). Partial superficial wettability was observed for the two ceramics. In micro hardness test, CO2 at 5 W increased micro hardness of lithium disilicate ceramics with significant value (6,32 GPa). SEM showed rough surface in all groups. EDS did not modify the chemical composition of tested ceramics. No significant rise in temperature could be recorded on both types of ceramic.The micro leakage test of a mono-bacterial biofilm was positive at the crown / tooth cervical junction. Conclusion: CO2 and Nd: YAP lasers modify CAD/CAM ceramic surfaces without chemical composition modifications. CO2 irradiation increase shear bond strength, surface roughness, micro hardness and made CAD/CAM ceramics hydrophilic. Irradiation with CO2 laser seems to improve surface adhesion and decrease bacterial microleakage
Le syndrome Xeroderma Pigmentosum : Un nouveau modèle pour l'étude du rôle des fibroblastes dans la modulation de la réponse immunitaire innée contre les cellules cutanées cancéreuses by Maria João Gonçalves Maia( )

1 edition published in 2019 in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide

Skin cancer etiology is related to genetic mutations arising after ultraviolet (UV) sun exposure. The propagation of cancer cells is also dependent of a crosstalk with cells present in the surrounding microenvironment, mainly cancer associated fibroblasts (CAF) and immune cells. Xeroderma pigmentosum (XP) is a genetic disease that comprises seven groups of genetic complementation (XP-A to XP-G). XP patients present a default in the mechanism responsible for the repair of UV-induced DNA lesions. They are prone to develop skin cancers with high frequencies early in their life. XP-C is the most represented complementation group in Europe and in XP-C patients squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) are more frequent than basal cell carcinoma (BCC) (ratio 5:1). SCC have high metastatic potential compared to BCC. Previous studies suggested that the immune responses in XP patients could be altered with defects in their NK lytic activity and a decrease in the levels of circulating T lymphocytes. The main objective of this thesis was to identify microenvironment factors that could contribute to the progression of aggressive skin cancers using XP-C disease cells as a model of skin cancer susceptibility. Comparative transcriptomic analysis of WT and XP-C dermal patient's fibroblasts revealed that CLEC2A, a ligand of the activating NK receptor NKp65 implicated in the activation of the innate immune system, is expressed in WT fibroblasts and absent in XP-C fibroblasts. Additional work showed that CLEC2A level is decreased in WT fibroblasts during replicative senescence, is absent in CAF and SCC, and is down regulated by soluble factors secreted by SCC cells. These results suggest that the loss of CLEC2A may induce a deficit of NK cell activation in the tumor microenvironment of SCC and in the dermis of XP-C patients. Elaboration of 3D skin culture models including NK cells and, in the presence or absence of blocking anti-CLEC2A antibody, allowed us to show that CLEC2A/NKp65 interaction regulates SCC cells invasion through a crosstalk between fibroblasts and NK cells. Our results suggest that the expression of CLEC2A in fibroblasts contributes to skin immune surveillance while, conversely, its absence under yet unidentified factors, favors the development of aggressive cancers in XP-C patients. CLEC2A could be a potential target in the fight against SCC progression
Cultures de la naissance, entre la tradition et le biomédical : Étude comparative en Équateur et au Portugal by María Fernanda Acosta Altamirano( )

1 edition published in 2017 in French and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide

The culture of birth is a ritual of passage which is the basis of the construction of identity for the motherand for the child. This transition is conceived in different ways in distinct cultural contexts.Based on an ethnographic work in Portugal and the Amazonia of Ecuador, we have identified threeexisting health systems: biomedicine or the official system (which was constituted as “official” from the19th century onwards), the traditional system or ancestral system, and the alternative system (in this case,embodied by doulas).In the framework of these three health systems, a culture of birth is woven into a discourse legitimizingtheir practices, which are presented as "adequate", and their representations.Although there are important differences between the procedures of the medical protocols - specific tothe formal health system, to the traditional health system, and to the alternative system - for the deliveryof childbirth, for pre-lactated feeding (colostrum feed), and for postpartum, we also found bridgesbetween them.Sometimes the boundaries between these different health systems, between tradition and modernity, areeither disappeared or blurred.Various practices are associated with representations relating to death, bodies, pain, health and diseaseparadigms, religion, cleanliness and hygiene, social ties, among others
La protection des intérêts financiers des organisations internationales by Alpha Oumar Camara( )

1 edition published in 2017 in French and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide

Les pertes financières dues à la faiblesse ou à l'insuffisance des moyens de contrôle en leur sein ont contraint les organisations internationales à se doter de mécanismes de contrôle capables de contrôler suffisamment leurs ressources financières et d'assurer efficacement la protection de leurs intérêts financiers contre les atteintes qui leurs faites. Car, la réussite de leurs missions dépend dans une large mesure de la bonne utilisation de leurs ressources financières. Les mécanismes juridiques ainsi mis en place, dans le cadre de cette protection, permettent d'effectuer des contrôles financiers aux moyens d'audits et d'appliquer des sanctions contre les infractions qui portent atteinte à leurs intérêts financiers. C'est dans cette perspective que les Etats membres sont mis à contribution. Mais, la participation des Etats à cette protection varie en fonction des organisations internationales (OI). En s'appuyant sur l'exemple de l'Union européenne (UE), qui a su très tôt concevoir un ensemble d'instruments juridiques efficaces, la présente thèse aborde le cadre juridique et les difficultés de la protection des intérêts financiers des OI. Pour cela, outre l'UE, deux autres OI, à savoir l'Organisation des Nations Unies (ONU) et l'Union Economique et Monétaire Ouest Africaine (UEMOA) sont prises en exemple pour analyser les mécanismes de protection des intérêts financiers des OI à la lumière de quelques scandales financiers qui ont permis de mettre à jour l'inefficacité de leurs mécanismes de protection
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