Front cover image for Biographia Literaria / Volume 1

Biographia Literaria / Volume 1

John Shawcross (Editor), Samuel Taylor Coleridge (Author)
As Samuel Taylor Coleridge struggled to control his opium addiction, he published the acclaimed poetry collections Christabel; Kubla Khan, a Vision; The Pains of Sleep and Sibylline Leaves. Coleridge originally intended to write a brief biographical preface for the latter volume, but in his usual style he included digression after digression and the preface soon ballooned into a two-volume independent work. The Biographia Literaria has since been recognized as Coleridge's most influential prose composition. An exploration of both Coleridge's life and his opinions on literature, the book contains appraisals of a wide range of thinkers from Immanuel Kant to Coleridge's friend William Wordsworth
eBook, English, 1907
The Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1907