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Stalinism : its nature and aftermath : essays in honour of Moshe Lewin

A collection of essays (with contributors from Britain, continental Europe and USA) dealing with the character and aftermath of Stalinism in the USSR, concentrating on the inter-war years
Print Book, English, 1992
Macmillan in association with the Centre for Russian and East European Studies, University of Birmingham, London, 1992
xv, 291 pages : 1 portrait ; 23 cm
9780333548240, 9780873328760, 0333548248, 0873328760
Preface; N.Lampert - Notes on the Contributors - Grappling with Social Realities: Moshe Lewin and the Making of Social History; R.Lew - Demons and Devil's Advocates: Problems in Historical Writing on the Stalin Era; V.Andrle - Gorbachev's Socialism in Historical Perspective; R.W.Davies - The Tsar, the Emperor, the Leader: Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great and Anatolii Rybakov's Stalin; M.Perrie - The Omnipresent Conspiracy: On Soviet Imagery of Politics and Social Relations in the 1930s; G.T.Rittersporn - Soviet Peasants and Soviet Literature; A.Nove - Masters of the Shop Floor: Foremen and Soviet Industrialisation; L.H.Siegelbaum - Urban Social Mobility and Mass Repression: Communist Party and Soviet Society; H-H.Schr der - Construction Workers in the 1930s; J-P.Depretto - Nationality and Class in the Revolutions of 1917: a Re-examination of Social Categories; R.G.Suny - The Background to Perestroika: 'Political Undercurrents' Reconsidered in the Light of Recent Events; P.Kneen - Legality in Soviet Political Culture: a Perspective on Gorbachev's Reforms; P.H.Solomon Jr - Index
Includes index