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Samuel Johnson

Print Book, English, 1979, ©1977
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Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, New York, 1979, ©1977
collective biographies
xxii, 646 pages : portrait ; 21 cm.
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The formative years
Birth and family; early illness
First years at school
The Lichfield Upper Grammar School
A second beginning: Cornelius Ford and the year at Stourbridge
Poems at Stourbridge
Back at Lichfield; a further model: Gilbert Walmesley
The years of trial and obscurity
Breakdown and despair; psychology of the young Johnson
Efforts to begin again; Birmingham; the first book
Johnson's marriage; the school at Edial
The move to London; first writings there; temporary separation from his wife
Range as a journalist; Jonson's politics generally; parliamentary debates; speed in writing
Lost in Grub Street; biography and the world of books
In the middle of the way: the moral pilgrimage
Entrance into Middle Age; uncertainties; problems in the marriage
Storming the main gate: the dictionary
Personal life; Tetty's illness and death; a straggler
The moral landscape: the vanity of human wishes and the rambler
The condition of man: Johnson as a moralist
Later forties: growing difficulties; the start on Shakespeare; rasselas
Into his fifties; the pension; Boswell; the club
The Johnson of legend
Approaching breakdown; religious struggles; fear of insanity
Toward recovery: the Thrales; law lectures
Early sixties
Writings; continuing religious struggles
Travel: the Hebrides; Wales
Humor and wit
Indian summer
Lives of the poets
Gathering clouds; death of Henry Thrale
Loss of the Thrale family; failing health
I am Moriturus