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A companion to eighteenth-century Britain

"The volume examines political developments including the founding of the constitution and political system in 1688 and the development of the parry political system. It describes economic and social developments in the towns and country which signalled the advent of 'modern' society and the cultural advances in the arts, philosophy and the press which greatly interested other European nations. The book also reminds readers that religion remained a powerful force and preoccupation throughout this period and covers the discussions over religious tolerance. There is also a section on the creation of the United Kingdom from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland and the serious divisions that still remained. Finally, the book reveals how Britain became a world power, developing and then losing one empire in America but soon acquiring another in India."--Jacket
Print Book, English, 2002
Blackwell Pub., Oxford, UK, 2002
xviii, 550 pages : maps ; 26 cm
9780631218371, 0631218378
The British Constitution / H.T. Dickinson
The British state / Eckhart Hellmuth
Finance and taxation / Patrick Karl O'Brien
Local government and local society / David Eastwood
Parliament, parties and elections (1688-1760) / Brian Hill
Parliament, parties and elections (1760-1815) / Stephen M. Lee
The Jacobite movement / Daniel Szechi
Popular politics and radical ideas / H.T. Dickinson
The crisis of the French Revolution / Emma Vincent Macleod
Manufacturing and commerce / John Rule
Agriculture and rural life / Gordon Mingay
The landed elite / Richard G. Wilson
The middling orders / Nicholas Rogers
The labouring poor / John Rule
Urban life and culture / Peter Borsay
Women and the family / John D. Ramsbottom
The Church of England / Jeremy Gregory
Religious minorities in England / Colin Haydon
Methodism and the evangelical revival / G.M. Ditchfield
Religion in Scotland / Stewart J. Brown
Religion in Ireland / Sean J. Connolly. Print culture / Bob Harris
Political ideas from Locke to Paine / Pamela Edwards
The making of elite culture / Maura A. Henry
Literature and drama / J. Alan Downie
Popular culture / Bob Bushaway
Crime and punishment / James A. Sharpe
Integration: patriotism and nationalism / Colin Kidd
Scotland and the union / Alexander Murdoch
Wales in the eighteenth century / Geraint H. Jenkins
Ireland: the making of the 'Protestant ascendancy', 1690-1760 / Paddy McNally
Ireland: radicalism, rebellion and union / Martyn J. Powell
Britain's emergence as a European power, 1688-1815 / H.M. Scott
Britain and the Atlantic world / W.A. Speck
Britain and India / Bruce P. Lenman
The British army / Stanley D.M. Carpenter
The royal navy / Richard Harding
Britain and the slave trade / John Oldfield View this book online, via Ebook Library, both on- and off-campus This title is also available in print. Click here.