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Spiritual and Anabaptist writers : documents illustrative of the Radical Reformation

An important volume of scholarship, this book presents a collection of documents previously little known and inaccessible to the English-speaking world. This volume includes writings of the Radical Reformation--Anabaptist and Spiritualist--as well as three treatises by Juan de Valdes as a representative of Evangelical Catholicism.Long...
Print Book, English, 1957
Westminster Press, Philadelphia, 1957
421 pages ; 24 cm
9780664241506, 0664241506
pt. 1. Documents illustrative of the Radical Reformation. The beginnings of the Anabaptist reformation : reminiscences of George Blaurock : an excerpt from the Hutterite Chronicle, 1525
Sermon before the princes : an exposition of the second chapter of Daniel, Allstedt, July 13, 1524 / by Thomas Müntzer
Letters to Thomas Müntzer : Zurich, September 5, 1524 / by Conrad Grebel and friends
Whether God is the cause of evil : Augsburg, 1526 / by John Denck
On free will : Nicolsburg, 1527 / by Balthasar Hubmaier
The trial and martyrdom of Michael Sattler : Rottenburg, 1527
A letter to John Campanus : Strassburg, 1531 / by Sebastian Franck
An answer to Luther's malediction : before April 23, 1544 / by Caspar Schwenckfeld
The ordinance of God : 1530 / by Melchior Hofmann
A confession : recollections of the years 1533-1536 / by Obbe Philips
The church of God / by Dietrich Philips
On the ban : questions and answers / by Menno Simons
Cherished instructions on sin, excommunication, and the community of goods : probably in Bucovice, Moravia, c. 1537 / by Ulrich Stadler
pt. 2. Evangelical Catholicism as represented by Juan de Valdés. Introduction : life and death of Juan de Valdés
A dialogue on Christian doctrine newly composed by a churchman ; One hundred and ten considerations ; The Christian alphabet which teaches the true way to acquire the light of the Holy Spirit / Juan de Valdés