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Anger's past : the social uses of an emotion in the Middle Ages

Books have rarely been written about the history of any emotion except love and shame, and this volume is the very first on the meaning of anger in the Middle Ages. Well aware of modern theories about the nature of anger, the authors consider the role of anger in the social lives and conceptual universes of a varied and significant cross-section of medieval people: monks, saints, kings, lords, and peasants. They are careful to distinguish between texts (the sources on which historians must rely) and the reality behind the texts. They are sensitive, as well, to the differences between ideals and normative behavior
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Anger in monastic curses / Lester K. Little
Gertrude's furor: reading anger in an early medieval saint's Life / Catherine Peyroux
Ira regis: prolegomena to a history of royal anger / Gerd Althoff
"Just anger" or "vengeful anger"? : the punishment of blinding in the early medieval West / Geneviève Bührer-Thierry
What did Henry III of England think in bed and in French about kingship and anger? / Paul Hyams
The politics of anger / Stephen D. White
"Zealous anger" and the renegotiation of aristocratic relationships in eleventh- and twelfth-century France / Richard E. Barton
Peasant anger in the late Middle Ages / Paul Freedman
Anger and the Celtic saint / Wendy Davies
From anger on behalf of God to "forbearance" in Islamic medieval literature / Zouhair Ghazzal
Controlling paradigms / Barbara H. Rosenwein