Front cover image for The Renaissance computer : knowledge technology in the first age of print

The Renaissance computer : knowledge technology in the first age of print

This work looks at the development of new methods of information storage and retrieval which took place at the very beginning of print culture. It also asks some crucial questions about the intellectual conditions of our own digital age
Print Book, English, 2000
Routledge, London, 2000
xi, 212 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
9780415220637, 9780415220644, 9780203463307, 0415220637, 0415220645, 0203463307
Introduction: Paperworlds: imagining the Renaissance computer / Neil Rhodes and Jonathan Sawday
The silence of the archive and the noise of cyberspace / Leah S. Marcus
Towards the Renaissance computer / Jonathan Sawday
From trivium to quadrivium: Ramus, method, and mathematical technology / Timothy J. Reiss
Textual icons: reading early modern illustrations / Stephen Orgel
The early modern search engine: indices, title pages, marginalia, and contents / Thomas N. Corns
National and international knowledge: the limits of the histories of nations / Andrew Hadfield
Arachne's web: intertextual mythography and the Renaissance Actaeon / Sarah Annes Brown
The daughters of memory: Thomas Heywood's Gunaikeion and the female computer / Nonna Crook and Neil Rhodes
Pierre de La Primaudaye's French academy: growing encyclopaedic / Anne Lake Prescott
In the wilderness of forms: ideas and things in Thomas Browne's cabinets of curiosity / Claire Preston
Articulate networks: the self, the book, and the world / Neil Rhodes