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Commodity chains and global capitalism

Commodity chains link the processes of manufacturing that result in a final product available for individual consumption. This book explores the global commodity chains approach, which reformulates the basic conceptual categories for analysing patterns of global organisation and change
Print Book, English, 1994
Praeger, Westport, Conn., 1994
xiv, 334 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm
9780275945732, 0275945731
Introduction : global commodity chains / Gary Gereffi, Miguel Korzeniewicz, and Roberto P. Korzeniewicz
Commodity chains : construct and research / Terence K. Hopkins and Immanuel Wallerstein
The shipbuilding commodity chain, 1590-1790 / Eyüp Özveren
The grain flour commodity chain, 1590-1790 / Sheila Pelizzon
Conclusions about commodity chains / Terence K. Hopkins and Immanuel Wallerstein
Competition, time, and space in industrial change / Erica Schoenberger
The global distribution of commodity chains / Roberto P. Korzeniewicz and William Martin
The organization of buyer-driven global commodity chains : how U.S. retailers shape overseas production networks / Gary Gereffi
Where is the chain in commodity chains? : the service sector nexus / Eileen Rabach and Eun Mee Kim
Institutionalizing flexibility : a comparative analysis of Fordist and post-Fordist models of Third World agro-export production / Laura T. Raynolds
The new spatial division of labor and commodity chains in the greater South China economic region / Xiangming Chen
Commodity chains and industrial restructuring in the Pacific Rim : garment trade and manufacturing / Richard P. Appelbaum, David Smith, and Brad Christerson
Strategic reorientations of U.S. apparel firms / Ian M. Taplin
Automobile commodity chains in the NICs : a comparison of South Korea, Mexico, and Brazil / Naeyoung Lee and Jeffrey Cason
Commodity chains and marketing strategies : Nike and the global athletic footwear industry / Miguel Korzeniewicz
Fresh demand : the consumption of Chilean produce in the United States / Walter L. Goldfrank
Commodity chains and the Korean automobile industry / Hyung Kook Kim and Su-Hoon Lee
Cocaine, commodity chains, and drug politics : a transnational approach / Suzanne Wilson and Marta Zambrano View this book online, via DawsonERA, both on- and off-campus This title is also available in print. Click here.