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Plant physiology

This fifth edition provides the basics for introductory courses on plant physiology without sacrificing the more challenging material sought by upper division and graduate level students. Many new or revised figures and photographs, study questions and a glossary of key terms have been added
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Plant cells
Genome structure and gene expression
Water and plant cells
Water balance of plants
Mineral nutrition
Solute transport
Photosynthesis : the light reactions
Photosynthesis : carbon reactions
Photosynthesis : physiological and ecological considerations
Translocation in the phloem
Respiration and lipid metabolism
Assimilation of mineral nutrients
Secondary metabolites and plant defense
Signal transduction
Cell walls : structure, biogenesis, and expansion
Growth and development
Phytochrome and light control of plant development
Blue-light responses : stomatal movements and morphogenesis
Auxin : the growth hormone
Gibberellins : regulators of plant height
Cytokinins : regulators of cell division
Ethylene : the gaseous hormone
Abscisic acid : a seed maturation and stress-response signal
The control of flowering
Stress physiology
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