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The natural genesis

Print Book, English, 2007
Cosimo Classics, New York, 2007
2 volumes (various pagings) : illustrations ; 23 cm
9781602060845, 9781602060852, 9781602068490, 9781602068506, 1602060843, 1602060851, 1602068496, 160206850X
Section IX1(92)
Astronomical Nature of Mythology
Mystery of the Seven Stars
Creation Commenced with Time-keeping
Finally Perfected by the Sun-God
The Mother of Beginnings
Her First Birth in Time
Her Various Types
Inner African Origin of Adam and Eve
Eden the Primary Circle of Creation
Paradise a Celestial Formation
The Starting-point in Heaven
Origin of the Aryans
Division of the Earliest Heaven
Birthplace in the North
Mount of the Pole
Of a Double Heaven and of the Four Corners
Octagonal Heaven
Formation of Man
Many Modes
Various Types
Stellar, Lunar, and Solar Series of Creations
Seven Different Creations Traced in Heaven
Creation of Man in the Likeness of Zootypes
Culmination of the Kronian Creations in the Mythical Nirvana
Section X93(78)
Gods as Intelligencers in Time
The True Gods
Keepers of the Covenant
Attack of the Evil One on the Time-keepers
The Seven who failed and fell
Revolt in Heaven
Various Versions of the Fall
Its Physiology
Loss of the Glory
The Immortal Principle
Inexpiable Sins
Dark Sins against the Light
Teachers of Pure Tillage
The Descent of Man a reversal
Consequent Degradation of Matter and the Mother
Several forms of the Fall
Doctrine of the Gnosis
Christian Doctrine of Degradation
No Fall in Reality
The Regio Paradisi
Section XI171(96)
Assyrian Deluge Legend
The Deluge of Time
End of a Period, not of a World
Various Modes of preparing for the Deluge
Lost Atlantis
Kamite Origin of the Deluge Typology
A War against the Waters
Zodiacal Signs, Egyptian
Their Relation to the Deluge and Ark
Also to the Seasons
First Deluge and the Seven Giants
Stones of the Deluge
Pyramids and Towers
Atlantis Celestial not Geological
Escape of the Duad, the Tetrad, the Cgdoad from the Deluge
Various Arks in Heaven and on Earth
The Last of all Zodiacal as in Revelation
Section XII267(111)
Modes of identifying Time by various Seasons, and keeping them as Festivals
Celebration of Puberty as the First Coming of Age
The Female Time-keeper
Time Synonymous with No. 5
The Five-day Time, or Negative Period
No. 6 synonymous with Cessation and Breath
Six-day or Positive Time
Sabbath of the Sixth day and its Origin
Extended to the Seventh day
A Phallic Festival
Mysteries of Time and Number
Other Time-reckonings
The "terrene moon" of 28 days
Changes in the Computation of Time
Time of the Seven Patriarchs
And of the Ten
Time Extended to the Cycle of Precession or Great Year of the World
The various Celestial Time-keepers as Legal or Words of Announcement
Great Bear first and Solar Christ final
The Logoi of Pubescence, Female and Male, culminating at last in Charis and the Christ
Section XIII378(129)
Pre-Christian Christology
Persian Revelation
End of the Great Year
Fulfilment of Astronomical Prophecy
Cross-type of the Equinox in the Bull, Ram, and Fishes
Pyramid of Har-Khuti
"Mystery of the Seven Stars"
The God ΑΩ
Equinox in Pisces
The Fish-Man
Horns as Ichthys, the Christ
The Birthplace in Heaven
Its Localization on Earth
Egyptian Annunciation, Conception, Birth, and Adoration of the Babe
Khunsu and the Christ
Child born in the Cave of the Solstice
Decree of Augustus
Horus-type of the Christ
The Christ born of Seb or Earth
Iu-em-hept type of Christ
Two halves of Horns united to form the Christ
Khunsu the expeller of Demons as Christ
Anup and Horus the twins as John and Jesus
Osiris the Well of Life
The Twelve in Hades
Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes
Gnostic Interpretations
Hermetic Sermon on the Mount
Child older than the Father
Mysteries of the Solar God converted into History
The Karast or Mummy-Christ
The Mythos worked over twice
The two Dates of the Crucifixion
The Ass and the Colt, Lunar
John an earlier Messiah
Two Christs continued in Rome
The Seven Women who fed the Christ identified
The four Genii of the Mount
The Seven Fishermen
Origin of the four Gospels
Matthias, the Egyptian Mati
Gospel of Truth, Egyptian
Types of Christ in the Catacombs
The Gnostic Link
Jehoshua ben Pandira
Paul the opponent of the Carnalizers
Why the A-Gnostics conquered
False Teaching and coming end of Equinoctial Christolatry
"Comparative vocabulary of Sanskrit and Egyptian": v. 2, p. [507]-519
Reprint of the 1883 ed. published by Williams and Norgate, London