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International environmental law reports. Vol. 1: Early decisions

Print Book, English, 1999
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1999
Trials, litigation, etc
volumes <1-5> : maps ; 24 cm
9780521643474, 9780521643979, 0521643473, 052164397X
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Table of abbreviations
Tables of Cases
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Digest of Cases
Table of treaties
Table of national legislation
Part I. Decisions of International Tribunals: 1. Helmand River Case (Afghanistan/Persia)
2. San Juan River Case (Costa Rica/Nicaragua)
3. Costa Rica v Nicaragua
Behring Sea Fur-Seals Case (Great Britain/United States of America)
4. North Atlantic Coast Fisheries Case (Great Britain/United States of America)
5. Island of Palmas Case (Netherlands/United States of America)
6. Case relating to the territorial jurisdiction of the international commission of the river Oder (Czechoslovakia, Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden, Great Britain/Poland)
7. Diversion of water from the Meuse Case (Netherlands v Belgium)
8. Trail Smelter Case (Canada/United States of America)
9. Lake Lanoux Case (France/Spain)
10. Gut Dam Case (Canada/United States of America)
Part II. Decisions of National Tribunals: 11. Lethia River Case
12. Donauversinkung Case (Wü
rttemberg and Prussia v Baden)
13. Socié
nergie É
lectrique du Littoral Mé
en v Compagnia Imprese Elettriche
14. Liguri
Solothurn v Aargau, Aargau v Solothurn
15. Missouri v Illinois and the Sanitary District of Chicago
16. Kansas v Colorado
17. Georgia v Tennessee Copper Company and Duckdown Sulphur, Copper and Iron Company Ltd
18. New York v New Jersey
19. New Jersey v City of New York