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In the footsteps of Churchill

"As one of the most admired political leaders of the twentieth century, Winston Churchill holds iconic status, even forty years after his death. In this biography, Richard Holmes offers a remarkable reappraisal of Churchill by examining the influences that shaped his character. Drawing on intimate sources, including letters between the young Churchill and his parents, Holmes paints the most complete portrait to date of the man who stood up to Hitler and led his people to victory against all odds." "Holmes details the crucial events of Churchill's life, from his childhood to his rapid rise in politics, revealing the influences that shaped the man. He examines the profound ambiguities of Churchill's character, and shows how the very qualities that defined his greatness also led him to commit catastrophic blunders. The recklessness that made him a hero when he was a young correspondent during the Boer War, for example, cost thousands of Allied lives when it emerged during his planning of the Gallipoli campaign in 1915. Churchill's egotism overshadowed his own children's lives, but also gave him the enormous self-confidence to continue the war against Hitler in 1940, when most other politicians in his position would have sought a negotiated peace."--Jacket
eBook, English, 2006
Basic Books, New York, 2006