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Archives, Objects, Places and Landscapes : Multidisciplinary approaches to Decolonised Zimbabwean pasts

eBook, English, 2017
Langaa RPCIG, Bamenda, Cameroon, 2017
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9789956764198, 9956764191
Cover; Title page; Copyright page; Notes on contributors; Contents; List of figures; List of tables; Preface; Chapter 1
Archives, objects, places and landscapes: the multidisciplinary and decolonising imperative; The necessity for concept revision; Archaeology; Museum studies; Heritage management; Summarising the position; References; Chapter 2
Concept and knowledge revision in the post-colony: mukwerera, the practice of asking for rain amongst the Shona of southern Africa; Abstract; Introduction: why knowledge revision in the post-colony? Theoretical and methodological approach: On the need to create African-centred knowledgeDiscussion: does knowledge and concept revision matter?; Conclusion; References; Appendix A; Chapter 3
The Stone Age sequence of the Murewa-Mutoko area, northern Zimbabwe; Abstract; Introduction: an overlooked archaeology; The Murewa-Mutoko cultural landscape; Survey results; Excavation results; Discussion: the Stone Age cultural sequence in north-eastern Zimbabwe; Conclusion; Acknowledgements; References. Chapter 4
Functional analysis of Middle Stone Age lithic material from Redcliff Cave, central ZimbabweAbstract; Introduction: using functional analysis in stone tool use-wear research; The Stone Age period in Zimbabwe; Redcliff Cave; Use-wear and residue analysis; Discussion; Conclusion; References; Chapter 5
Necks on the rocks: the giraffe in the rock art of Jahunda; Abstract; Introduction: observing animal behaviour as a key to interpreting rock art; Giraffe paintings in the Jahunda area; Conclusion; References. Chapter 6
Chronology of Early Farming Communities of northern Zimbabwe: a reappraisalIntroduction: establishing a chronology of occupation at Kamukombe; Investigating transition in the framework of autochthonous development; Rethinking the chronology; Conclusion; References; Chapter 7: Ndongo: a Zimbabwe culture site in the middle Save valley; Abstract; Introduction: Ndongo, a Zimbabwe culture site; The excavation; Discussion; Conclusion; References; Chapter 8
The Mutapa and the Portuguese: archaeometallurgy and regional interactions in Southern Africa; Abstract. Introduction: the Mutapa stateArchaeometallurgy of iron production remains at Baranda; On finished objects: copper-based artefacts from Baranda, Chenguruve and Muchekayawa Hills; Discussion; Conclusion; Acknowledgements; References; Chapter 9
Material culture of fluid identities: towards an historical archaeology of the Gaza Nguni in eastern Zimbabwe; Abstract; Introduction: who were the Gaza Nguni?; An overview of historical archaeology in Africa; Historical accounts of Gaza Nguni in Chipinge; Archaeology of the Gaza Nguni; Discussion; Conclusion; References. Chapter 10
Prehistoric food storage and security in Zimbabwe: a look at nineteenth-century grain bins in Southern Zimbabwe