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Behavioral genetics a primer

Print Book, English, 2017
Worth Publishers, Macmillan Learning, New York, 2017
xix, 508 Seiten Illustrationen 24 cm
9781464176050, 1464176051
PREFACE.- CHAPTER 1 Overview.- CHAPTER 2 Historical Perspective.- CHAPTER 3 Mendel's Laws and Beyond.- CHAPTER 4 The Biological Basis of Heredity.- CHAPTER 5 Animal Models in Behavioral Genetics.- CHAPTER 6 Nature, Nurture and Human Behavior.- CHAPTER 7 Estimating Genetic and Environmental Influences.- CHAPTER 8. The Interplay between Genes and Environment.- CHAPTER 9 Identifying Genes.- CHAPTER 10 Pathways between Genes and Behavior.- CHAPTER 11 Cognitive Abilities.- CHAPTER 12 Cognitive Disabilities.- CHAPTER 13 Schizophrenia.- CHAPTER 14 Other Adult Psychopathology.- CHAPTER 15 Developmental Psychopathology.- CHAPTER 16 Personality and Personality Disorders.- Chapter 17 Substance Use Disorders.- CHAPTER 18 Health Psychology.- CHAPTER 19 Aging.- CHAPTER 20 The Future of BehavioralGenetics div>
Revision of: Behavioral genetics / Robert Plomin, Institute of Psychiary, London, John C. DeFries, University of Colorado, Boulder, Valerie S. Knopik, Rhode Island Hospital and Brown University, Jenae M. Neiderhiser, Penn State Univeristy. 2013. Sixth edition