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Sources and analogues of the Canterbury Tales

This new edition of Chaucer's sources and analogues for the Canterbury Tales is long overdue. The last such edition appeared some sixty years ago, since when there have been major discoveries and many advances in scholarship concerning editorial method and palaeographic techniques. This edition is as complete as it can be at the present time. It contains the sources and major analogues of Chaucer's work (some re-edited from manuscripts closer to his own copies) together with discoveries from the past half-century, some of which have not previously appeared together in print. Special features in this new enterprise include a fresh interpretation of Chaucer's sources for the frame of the work, and modern English translations of all non-English texts; chapters on the individual tales contain an updated survey of the present state of scholarship on their source materials.
Print Book, English, 2003
D.S. Brewer, Woodbridge, 2003
638 pages ; 24 cm.
9780859918282, 0859918289
Volume 1: The frame
The cook's tale
The clerk's tale
The franklin's tale
The friar's tale
The monk's tale
The nun's priest's tale
The pardoner's prologue and tale
The person's tale
The reeve's tale
The second nun's prologue and tale
The squire's tale
The tale of melibee
Originally published: 2002