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Willmington's Guide to the Bible

Print Book, English, 1984
Tyndale House Publishers, Wheaton, Ill., 1984
Criticism, interpretation, etc
xxii, 1009 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm
9780842378451, 9780842388047, 0842378456, 0842388044
A. The Chronological Method
1. The creation stage
2. The patriarchal stage
a. Genesis 12-50
b. Job
3. The Exodus stage
a. Exodus, Numbers
b. Deuteronomy
4. The conquest stage
5. The Judges stage
a. Judges
b. Ruth
c. I Samuel 1-7
6. The United Kingdom stage
a. Psalms
b. Proverbs
c. Ecclesiastes
d. Song of Solomon
7. The chaotic kingdom stage
a. Obadiah
b. Joel
c. Jonah
d. Amos
e. Hosea
f. Micah
g. Isaiah
h. Nahum
i. Zephaniah
j. Habakkuk
k. Jeremiah
l. Lamentations
8. The captivity stage
a. Ezekiel
b. Daniel
9. The return stage
a. Ezra
b. Nehemiah
c. Esther
d. Haggai
e. Zechariah
f. Malachi
10. The Gospel stage
11. The early church stage
12. The epistle stage
a. Galatians
b. I Thessalonians
c. II Thessalonians
d. I Corinthians
e. II Corinthians
f. Romans
g. Ephesians
h. Colossians
i. Philemon
j. Philippians
k. I Timothy
l. Titus
m. II Timothy
n. I Peter
o. II Peter
p. James
q. Hebrews
r. Jude
s. I John
t. II John
u. 3 John
v. Revelation
B. The Theological Method
1. Doctrine of the Trinity
2. Doctrine of the Son
3. Doctrine of the Father
4. Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
5. Doctrine of Man
6. Doctrine of the church
7. Doctrine of sin
8. Doctrine of salvation
9. Doctrine of Satan
10. Doctrine of angels
11. Doctrine of Bible
12. Doctrine of Prophecy
Supporting Curriculum
A.A topical summary of the Bible
B. Historical study summaries
1. Nine Old Testament and New Testament nations
2. The 613 Old Testament Commandments
3. The Bible and Archaeology
4. The history of Israel from A.D. 70 to A.D. 1973
5. Individuals of the Bible
6. Old Testament and New Testament cross-reference list
7. Holy land statistics
Includes index