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Research design in European studies : establishing causality in Europeanization

Informed by epistemological pluralism and state-of-the-art debate on research design in the social sciences, this volume combines conceptual elaboration with substantive research puzzles. Research Design in European Studies investigates different notions of causality and relates them to methods and techniques. Designed for use either in a course on European Union politics or in preparing projects on Europeanization, the book offers an applied perspective on research methods in specific areas of qualitative approaches to causality, as well as chapters introducing quantitative, critical realist, and discursive strategies. Substantively, the contributors tackle research issues in the domains of compliance, EU external relations, foreign policy, health care, party politics and urban governance
eBook, English, 2012
Palgrave Macmillan, Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire, 2012
1 online resource (xx, 273 pages)
9781137005090, 9781137005120, 1137005092, 1137005122
1. Europeanization: The Challenge of Establishing Causality / C.M. Radaelli
2. Looking for Causality in the Literature on Europeanization / T. Exadaktylos & C.M. Radaelli
3. Causality in Quantitative Approaches / A.E. Toller
4. Europeanization: A Critical Realist Perspective / I. Bache, S. Bulmer & D. Gunay
5. Discursive Institutional Analytical Strategies / K. Lynggaard
6. Beyond Non-compliance with Legal Norms / S. Saurugger
7. Delayed Europeanization: Multiple Hypotheses and Small Number of Cases / D. Panke
8. The Europeanization of Healthcare: Processes and Factors / D.S. Martinsen
9. How Cities Encounter Europe: Mechanisms and Modes / S. Dossi
10. Understanding Causality and Change in Party Politics / R. Ladrech
11. Europeanization of Foreign Policy outside the Common Foreign and Security Policy / T. Exadaktylos
12. Rival Hypotheses: Comparing the Roles of the EU and Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization in Good Governance Reforms / S. Ladi
13. Being Clear Enough to be Wrong: Europeanization Refuted and Defended / K. Moumoutzis
14. Lessons Learned: Beyond Causality / C.M. Radaelli & T. Exadaktylos Click for access to e-book <img src="/screens/gifs/go4.gif" alt="Go button" border="0" width="21" height="21" hspace="7" align="middle"> View this e-book online Reading advice (software, printing, accessibility, privacy)