Front cover image for Apple motion 5 cookbook : over 110 recipes to build simple and complex motion graphics in the blink of an eye

Apple motion 5 cookbook : over 110 recipes to build simple and complex motion graphics in the blink of an eye

Step-by-step, practical recipes to build simple and complex Motion Graphics with Motion 5""Apple Motion 5 Cookbook"" is designed for Final Cut Pro X video editors and Motion 5 users looking to gain more knowledge of how Motion works, and to get more of a 'WOW' factor in projects. It's also aimed at designers and motion designers alike, who are looking to build on their skillsets
eBook, English, 2013
Packt Pub., Birmingham, 2013
1 online resource (v, 398 pages) : illustrations (chiefly color)
9781849693813, 1849693811
Cover; Copyright; Credits; About the Author; Acknowledgement; About the Reviewers;; Table of Contents; Preface; Chapter 1:Getting Around the Interface; Introduction; Choosing a Motion project; Importing files to the Canvas, Layers tab, and Timeline; Importing Photoshop and Illustrator files; Making selections with Expose; Changing the layer order; Groups versus layers; Making changes in the Properties tab, HUD, and Canvas; Moving and trimming layers in the Timeline and the mini-Timeline; Launching and customizing a template; Keyboard customization Looking under the hood
key preferences for your workflowsSequencing stills in the Timeline; Managing the Layers tab; Chapter 2:Looking at Motion's Library; Introduction; A brief tour of the Library tab; Importing files from the Content library; Applying a Glow filter to a layer; Copying filters and applying filters to a group; Controlling the filter order; The power of cloning; The power of blend modes; Customizing a gradient generator; Applying a blend mode to a gradient; Adding a frame and changing a drop zone's contents; Adding a Flourish and applying filters Chapter 3:Making It Move with BehaviorsIntroduction; Applying a Fade In/Fade Out and Grow/Shrink behavior to a still; Customizing a Motion Path; Spinning and throwing a ball; Adding an Attractor and Attracted To behavior; Adding Edge Collision and Gravity behaviors to a ball; Creating Random Motion using the Randomize behavior; Stop, Wriggle, Rate, and Quantize; Using the Link behavior; An intro to Text behaviors; Writing on your shape's outline; Creating constant and variable speed changes; Holding and looping your animations; Chapter 4:Making It Move with Keyframes; Introduction Moving a still's anchor point and keyframing its scaleDeleting and disabling keyframes; Keyframing a group; Autokeyframing multiple parameters on a shape; Working with multiple parameters in the Keyframe Editor; Moving keyframes in the Keyframe Editor; Reversing Keyframes; Understanding and changing the interpolation; Converting behaviors into keyframes; Combining keyframes and behaviors
animating a Photoshop file; Combining keyframes and behaviors
animating a clock; Chapter 5:Let's Make Text; Introduction; Changing the text format; Changing the text style Changing the layout and creating text on a pathAdding and trimming multiple text behaviors; Sequence Text; Using the Transform Glyph tool; Saving your favorite text animations and styles; Using vector images from the special characters library; Using videos and textures to fill text; Creating a lower third for FCPX; Chapter 6:Paint and Masks; Introduction; Using the Paint Stroke tool; Changing Shape Style and Width Over Stroke; Using Sequence Paint; The relationship between shapes and Paint; Using shape masks; Creating a garbage matte for a green screen; Adding a video to a television screen
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