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Security : a new framework for analysis

Two schools of thought now exist in security studies: traditionalists want to restrict the subject to politico-military issues; while wideners want to extend it to the economic, societal, and environmental sectors. This book sets out a comprehensive statement of the new security studies, establishing the case for the broader agenda. The authors argue that security is a particular type of politics applicable to a wide range of issues. Answering the traditionalist charge that this model makes the subject incoherent, they offer a constructivist operational method for distinguishing the process of securitization from that of politicization. Their approach incorporates the traditionalist agenda and dissolves the artificial boundary between security studies and international political economy, opening the way for a fruitful interplay between the two fields. It also shows how the theory of regional security complexes remains relevant in today's world
Print Book, English, 1998
Lynne Rienner Pub., Boulder, Colo., 1998
viii, 239 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9781555876036, 9781555877842, 155587603X, 1555877842
Security Analysis: Conceptual Apparatus; The Military Sector; The Environmental Sector; The Economic Sector; The Societal Sector; The Political Sector; How Sectors are Synthesized by Actors.