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Approaches to the history of Spain

Print Book, English, ©1970
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University of California Press, Berkeley, ©1970
xxviii, 189 pages : genealogical tables, maps ; 20 cm
9780520014220, 9780520012998, 0520014227, 0520012992
The first settlers
Colonizers and invaders
Roman Hispania
The visigothic mirage
The triumph of Islam
Asturian legitimacy and the Frankish intrusion
The caliphate of Cordoba versus the kindom of Leon
Return to Europe: Navarre and the spirit of Castile
The invastions from North Africa and the ideal of a crusade
Hispanic pluralism and the Pyrenean empire
Military expansion on the peninsula and in the Mediterranean
The Medieval apex
Beginning of dissension in Hispania
The crisis of the fifteenth century
The ordering of Hispania by the Catholic monarchs
Hispania under the Hapsburg monarchs
The overthrow of Hispania and the bankruptcy of the Hapsburg dynasty's policy
Bourbon reforms
Politics and economics in nineteenth-century Spain
The crisis of the twentieth century
Translation of: Aproximación a la historia de España