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Natural law and human dignity

Ernst Bloch, Dennis J. Schmidt (Translator)
Print Book, English, ©1986
MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass., ©1986
xxx, 323 pages ; 24 cm
9780262022217, 9780262521291, 0262022214, 0262521296
Translator's introduction : In the spirit of Bloch
Overly used
It is a third who decides
The so-called sense of justice
The first opponents of institutions
On the natural law of Epicurus and the Stoics
Stoic doctrines and Roman law
The relative natural law of Thomas Aquinas and of the Reformation
The ideal according to relative natural law : justice from above
Althaus, Hobbes, Grotius : rationalized natural law and the new edifice of the law
Once again : rationalist natural law, its relation to mathematical construction and to natural religion
Rousseau's social contract, the American Declaration of Independence, human rights
Kant's and Fichte's natural law without nature : the A Priori Law of Reason
On the passion of law within positive law (Kohlhaus and the seriousness of Minos)
Anselm Feuerbach, Savigny : the fate of rational law in Schelling's darker nature
Bachofen, Gaea-Themis, and natural law
Confrontation : Gaea-Themis and its survival in the collective schools of natural law
The Oath of the Styx, the ambiguous cosmos in Hegel's Philosophy of right
The death and the semblance of life of a late-bourgeois natural law
Aporias and the heritage of the Tricolor : liberty, equality, fraternity
The Marxist distance to right and even to natural right ; the problem of a classless quintessence of "The upright path" in natural right
Subjective, objective right (Facultas Agendi, Norma Agendi) in their bourgeois opposition and in their classless solution
Right and morality in their separation (morality instead of natural law), classified according to their value
Penal law, tragedy, and the real negation of crime
The origin of the state, public law, Arcana Dominationis, and its opposite
The nationalized God and the right to community
Appendix : Christian Thomasius, a German scholar without misery
Translation of: Naturrecht und menschliche Würde