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Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

"This edition tells the story of Hamlet in production, from Burbage at the Globe to Branagh on film, relating stage interpretations to developments in the theatre, in literary criticism and in society at large." "Hamlet is the most performed play of all time. The stage history records an ongoing process of discovery, as successive performers have found what it is in the play that will speak most powerfully to the audiences of their own time. The introduction focuses not only on star Hamlets, but on whole productions of the play, including supporting players and, in this century, direction and design. Although the volume as a whole concentrates on stage performances in England and the US, outstanding film versions and European stage productions are also featured." "Professor Hapgood makes extensive use of primary sources, especially promptbooks, memoirs and eye-witness accounts. His substantial commentary, printed beneath the text of the play, provides numerous details of line-readings, costuming and stage business culled from this research."--Jacket
Print Book, English, 1999
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1999