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The first American women architects

"By 1920, there were over two hundred women practicing architecture in the United States, actively working on major design and building projects before they were even given the right to vote. Organized alphabetically as a reference guide, this volume provides a biographical sketch of each architect's life, education, and professional career, and a list of known works and sources for further research. Many of these remarkable women have never before appeared in any other history, making The First American Women Architects a valuable reference for students and scholars interested in women's history and architecture." --Jacket
Print Book, English, 2008
University of Illinois Press, Urbana, 2008
xiv, 265 pages : illustrations, portraits, plans, facsimiles ; 24 cm
9780252033216, 0252033213
Adams, Ruth Maxon (1883-1970)41
Almy, Mary (1883-1967)43
Barney, Nora Stanton Blatch (1883-1971)44
Bethune, Jennie Louise Blanchard (1856-1913)45
Bridgman, Lilian (1866-1948)53
Brunson, Emma F. (1887-1980)56
Budd, Katharine Cotheal (1860-1951)57
Butterfield, Emily Helen (1884-1958)58
Chapman, Josephine Wright (1867-1943)60
Coit, Elisabeth (1892-1987)62
Colter, Mary Jane Elizabeth (1869-1958)64
Connor, Rose (1892-1970)68
Craig, Mary (1889-1964)70
Darling-Parlin, Maude (1885-1979)72
Deakin, Edna (1871-1946)74
Dozier, Henrietta Cuttino (1872-1947)75
French, Helen Douglass (b. 1900)77
Fritsch, Margaret Goodin (1899-1993)78
Furman, Ethel Madison Bailey (1893-1976)80
Gannon, Mary Nevan (b. 1867)83
Greely, Rose Ishbel (1887-1969)85
Griffin, Marion Mahony (1871-1961)87
Hall, Leola (1881-1930)91
Hands, Alice J.92
Hayden, Florence Kenyon (1882-1973)93
Hayden, Sophia Gregoria (1868-1953)94
Henley, Frances Evelyn (d. 1955)97
Hicks, Margaret (1858-83)97
Hill, Esther Marjorie (1895-1985)98
Holman, Emily Elizabeth (fl. 1892-1915)100
Hook, Mary Rockwell (1877-1978)101
Howe, Lois Lilley (1864-1964)104
Irwin, Harriet Morrison (1828-97)117
Johnson, Alice E. (1862-1936)118
Keichline, Anna Wagner (1889-1943)119
Kellogg, Fay (1871-1918)121
Luscomb, Florence Hope (1887-1985)123
Manley, Marion Isadore (1893-1984)125
Manning, Eleanor (1884-1973)130
Martini, Elisabeth A. (b. 1886)132
McCain, Ida (b. 1884)133
Mead, Marcia (1879-1967)135
Mercur, Elise (1869-1947)137
Moody, Harriet J. (1891-1966)139
Morgan, Julia (1872-1957)140
Morrow, Gertrude E. Comfort (ca. 1892-1987)152
Mother Joseph of the Sacred Heart, Sister of Providence (Esther Pariseau) (1823-1902)153
Muir, Edla (1906-71)156
Nedved, Elizabeth Kimball (1897-1969)158
Nichols, Minerva Parker (1863-1949)159
Northman, Edith Mortensen (b. 1893)164
Parker, Marion Alice (1875?-1935)165
Pattee, Elizabeth Greenleaf (b. 1893)167
Peddle, Juliet (1899-1979)168
Peters, Nelle Elizabeth Nichols (1884-1974)172
Pfeiffer, Alberta Raffl (1899-1994)174
Pierce, Marjorie (1900-1999)175
Pope, Theodate (1867-1946)177
Power, Ethel Brown (1881-1969)182
Raymond, Eleanor (1888-1989)183
Rice, Lilian Jeanette (1888-1938)188
Riggs, Lutah Maria (1896-1984)193
Roberts, Isabel (b. 1874)204
Rockfellow, Anne Graham (1866-1954)206
Rogers, Eliza Jacobus Newkirk (1877-1966)209
Ryan, Ida Annah (1873-1950)213
Salomonsky, Verna Cook (1890-1978)214
Sawyer, Gertrude (1895-1996)217
Schenck, Anna Pendleton (d. 1915)219
Spencer, Margaret Fulton (1882-1966)220
Steinmesch, Harriet Mae (1893-1979)221
Waterman, Hazel Wood (1865-1948)223
Whitman, Bertha Louise Yerex (b. 1892)226
Wilburn, Leila Ross (1885-1967)227
Williams, Emily (1869-1942)229
Young, Helen Binkerd (1877-1959)230
Appendix 1: Female Graduates of Architecture Schools, 1878-1934233
Appendix 2: Female Members of the American Institute of Architects, 1857-1950237
Annotated Bibliography249