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The Reformation, 1520-1559

Print Book, English, 1990
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge [England], 1990
x, 741 pages ; 24 cm
9780521345361, 0521345367
The age of the Reformation / G.R. Elton
Economic change: European agriculture / Heide Wunder; The greatness of Antwerp / S.T. Bindoff
The Reformation movements in Germany / R.W. Scribner
The Reformation in Zurich, Strassburg and Geneva / E.G. Rupp
The Anabaptists and the sects / James M. Stayer
The Reformation in Scandinavia and the Baltic / N.K. Andersen
Politics and the institutionalisation of reform in Germany / R.W. Scribner
Poland, Bohemia and Hungary / R.R. Betts
The Reformation in France, 1515-1559 / F.C. Spooner
The Reformation in England / G.R. Elton
Italy and the papacy / Delio Cantimori
The new orders / H.O. Evennett
The empire of Charles V in Europe / H.G. Koenigsberger
The Hapsburg-Valois wars / Maria J. Rodriguez-Salgado
Intellectual tendencies: Literature / Denys Hay; Science / A.R. Hall
Schools and universities / Denys Hay
First edition: 1958
Includes index