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The legacy of Muslim Spain

This is the first study in any language to deal in a really comprehensive manner with all major aspects of Islamic civilization in medieval Spain.
Print Book, English, 1992
E.J. Brill, Leiden, 1992
xix, 1098 : illustrations (some color), maps (some folded) ; 25 cm.
9789004095991, 9004095993
Foreword: Salma Khadra JayyusiHistory:Mahmoud Makki, The Political History of al-Andalus (92/711-897/1492).James Dickie, Granada: A Case Study of Arab Urbanism in Muslim Spain.Robert Hillenbrand, 'The Ornament of the World: Medieval Córdoba as a Cultural Centre.Rafael Valencia, Islamic Seville: Its Political, Social and Cultural History.Mikel de Epalza, Mozarabs: An Emblematic Christian Minority in Islamic al-AndalusMargarita López Gómez, The Mozarabs: Worthy Bearers of Islamic Culture.L.P. Harvey, The Mudejars.Raymond P. Scheindlin, The Jews in Muslim Spain.L.P. Harvey, The Political, Social and Cultural History of the Moriscos.Madeleine Fletcher, Al-Andalus and North Africa in the Almohad Ideology.Aziz Al-Azmeh, Mortal Enemies, Invisible Neighbours: Northerners in Andalusī Eyes.Abbas Hamdani, An Islamic Background to the Voyages of Discovery.Language and Literature:Pierre Cachia, Andalusī Belles Lettres.Salma Khadra Jayyusi, Andalusī Poetry: The Golden Period.Salma Khadra Jayyusi, Nature Poetry in al-Andalus and the Rise of Ibn KhafājaJames T. Monroe, Zajal and Muwashshaḥa: Hispano-Arabic Poetry and the Romance Tradition.Lois A. Giffen, Ibn ḥazm and the ṭawq al-ḥamāmaF. Corriente, Linguistic Interference Between Arabic and the Romance Languages of the Iberian Peninsula.Dieter Messner, Further Listings and Categorisations of Arabic Words in Ibero-Romance Languages.Roger Boase, Arab Influences on European Love-PoetryMaría Rosa Menocal, Al-Andalus and 1492: The Ways of Remembering.Luce López-Baralt, The Legacy of Islam in Spanish Literature.Music:Owen Wright, Music in Muslim SpainArt and Architecture:Oleg Grabar, Two Paradoxes in the Islamic Art of the Spanish Peninsula.Jerrillynn Dodds, The Mudejar Tradition in Architecture.Jerrillynn Dodds, The Arts of al-Andalus.James Dickie, Space and Volume in Nasrid Architecture.J.C. Bürgel, Ecstasy and Control in Andalusī Art: Steps towards a New Approach.A. Fernández-Puertas, Calligraphy in al-Andalus.Social History and LifestylePierre Guichard, The Social History of Muslim Spain.María J. Viguera, Asluḥu li 'l-ma`ūlī: On the Social Status of Andalusī Women.David Waines, The Culinary Culture of al-Andalus.Economic History:Pedro Chalmeta, An Approximate Picture of the Economy of al-Andalus.Olivia Remie Constable, Muslim Merchants in Andalusī International Trade.Philosophy:Miguel Cruz Hernández, Islamic Thought in the Iberian Peninsula.Jamal al-Din al-`Alawī, The Philosophy of Ibn RushdJ.C. Bürgel, Ibn ṭufayl and his ḥayy Ibn Yaqẓān: A Turning Point in Arabic Philosophical Writing.Religious Studies:Dominique Urvoy, The `Ulamā’ of al-Andalus.Manuela Marín, Muslim Religious Practices in al-Andalus (2nd/8th- 4th/10th Centuries).María Isabel Fierro, Heresy in al-Andalus.Claude Addas, Andalusī Mysticism and the Rise of Ibn `Arabī.Science, Technology and Agriculture:J. Vernet, Natural and Technical Sciences in al-Andalus.Julio Samsó, The Exact Sciences in al-Andalus.Thomas F. Glick, Hydraulic Technology in al-Andalus.Expiración García Sánchez, Agriculture in Muslim Spain.Lucie Bolens, The Use of Plants for Dyeing and Clothing.James Dickie, The Hispano-Arab Garden: Notes towards a Typology.Charles Burnett, The Translating Activity in Medieval Spain.Margarita López Gómez, Islamic Civilisation in al-Andalus: A Final Assessment.