Front cover image for Folklore and folklife : an introduction

Folklore and folklife : an introduction

Describes the characteristics of folk cultures and discusses the procedures used by social scientists to study folklife
Print Book, English, [1972]
University of Chicago Press, Chicago, [1972]
x, 561 pages illustrations 24 cm
9780226158709, 9780226158716, 0226158705, 0226158713
Preface ; Concepts of folklore and folklife studies / Richard M. Dorson
Folk narrative / Linda Dégh
Narrative folk poetry / W. Edson Richmond
Folk epic / Felix J. Oinas
Proverbs and proverbial expressions / Roger D. Abrahams
Riddles / Roger D. Abrahams and Alan Dundes
Folk speech / W. Edson Richmond
Festivals and celebrations / Robert J. Smith
Recreations and games / Robert A. Georges / Folk medicine / Don Yoder
Folk religion / John C. Messenger
Folk crafts / Warren E. Roberts
Folk art / Henry Glassie
Folk architecture / Warren E. Roberts
Folk costume ; Folk Cookery / Don Yoder
Folk drama / Roger D. Abrahams
Folk music / George List
Folk dance / Joann Wheeler Kealiinohomoku
Fieldwork : collecting oral literature / Donald A. Macdonald
Fieldwork : recording material culture / Warren E. Roberts
Fieldwork : recording traditional music / George List
Archiving / George List
The use of printed sources / Richard M. Dorson
Folk atlas mapping / Robert Wildhaber
The use of artifacts and folk art in the folk museum / J. Geraint Jenkins
The cultural geographer and folklife research / E. Estyn Evans Free eBook from the Internet Archive Additional information and access via Open Library