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Edward Hopper : an intimate biography

Gail Levin, Iris Weinstein (Book designer), Carol Devine Carson (Binding designer, Bookjacket designer)
In the art of Edward Hopper (1882-1967), tense, unhappy men and women, in whom we recognize something of our neighbors and ourselves, play out mysterious dramas in silent, stripped-down spaces - stages raked by an unrelenting and revealing light. These paintings, and Hopper's equally evocative landscapes and houses, make us wonder: what kind of man had this haunting vision, and what kind of life engendered this art? No one is better qualified to answer these questions than the art historian Gail Levin, author of the major studies of Hopper's work (including the catalogue raisonne) and curator of many exhibitions that explored his development and cultural context. Delving deeply into his art and into a rich archive of unpublished letters and diaries, she now constructs "An Intimate Biography," which reveals the true nature and personality of the man himself - and of the woman who shared his life and helped to shape his art. Jo Hopper's diaries permit an intimate look at the interactions of an indissolubly bonded couple, revealing for the first time the personal tensions that lie behind some of Hopper's most haunting works. Gail Levin, sifting the gritty reality of Jo's story with her own analytic skills and historical and literary knowledge, uses the diaries to great effect in linking specific paintings to the time, place, and mood in which they were created
Print Book, English, 1995
Knopf, New York, 1995
collective biographies
xvii, 678 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
9780394546643, 9780520214750, 0394546644, 0520214757
The Roots of Conflict: 1882-1899
Defining the Talent: 1899-1906
Seductive Paris: 1906-1907
The Ambivalent American: 1907-1910
In Search of a Style: 1911-1915
The Detour through Etching: 1915-1918
The Deeper Hunger: 1918-1923
The Leading Lady
First Success: 1923-1924
Getting Established: 1925-1927
On the Road to America: 1928-1929
Recognition: 1930-1933
First Retrospective and the Truro House: 1933-1935
An Intellectual Self-Portrait
Consequences of Success: 1936-1938
The Struggle to Paint: 1939
The War Begins: 1940
Failed Odyssey: 1941
Nighthawks: 1942
Mexico: 1943
War on the Home Front: 1944
The Aesthetic Divide: 1945
Anxiety: 1946-1947
Illness and Loss: 1948
Melancholy Reflection: 1949
A Retrospective Year: 1950
Mexico Again: 1951
Planning Reality: 1952
Reality: 1953
Taking Stock: 1954
Personal Vision: 1955
Time Cover Story: 1956
Toward Reconciliation: 1957-1958