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The theological works of Thomas Paine

Print Book, English, 1827
Printed and published by R. Carlile, London, 1827
Early works
9 parts in 1 volume ; 24 cm
The age of reason, pt. 1-2
An examination of the passages in the new testament quoted from the old and called prophecies concerning Jesus Christ
A letter to the Hon. Thomas Erskine on the prosecution of Thomas Williams for publishing the Age of Reason, part II
A discourse delivered to the Society of Theophilanthropists
An essay on the origin of free masonry
A letter to Camille Jordan of the Council of Five Hundred, occasioned by his report on the priests, the worship and the bells
Appendix to the theological works of Thomas Paine
Miscellaneous poems
Each part has special t.p., dated 1826, and separate paging; last dated 1819