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A modern history of Tanganyika

John Iliffe (Author)
"This is the first comprehensive and fully documented history of modern Tanganyika (mainland Tanzania). After introductory chapters on the nineteenth century, Dr Iliffe concentrates on the colonial period, and especially on economic, social and intellectual change among Africans as the core of their colonial experience and the basis of their political behaviour. Particular attention is paid to the consequences for small-scale societies of their incorporation into the international order; the impact of capitalism and the emergence of capitalist relationships and attitudes; African attempts to defend or reform indigenous institutions and to organise movements of protest or revolt against European control; the successive formation and dissolution of a specifically colonial society; and the effects of economic change on Tanganyika's ecology in modern times. The book brings together the research which scholars of many nationalities have carried out in Tanzania over the last twenty years, and attempts to synthesize their findings with the evidence available from African and European records in Tanzania, Britain and Germany."--Jacket
Print Book, English, 1979
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1979
xvi, 616 pages : maps ; 24 cm.
9780521220248, 9780521296113, 9780521296120, 0521220246, 0521296110, 0521296129
Tanganyika in 1800
The nineteenth century
The German conquest
Colonial economy and ecological crisis, 1890-1914
The Maji Maji rebellion, 1905-7
Religious and cultural change before 1914
Fortunes of war
The origins of rural capitalism
The creation of tribes
The crisis of colonial society, 1929-45
Townsmen and workers
The African Association, 1929-48
The new colonialism
The new politics, 1945-55
The nationalist victory, 1955-61
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