Front cover image for Innovations in applied artificial intelligence : 18th International Conference on Industrial and Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, IEA/AIE 2005, Bari, Italy, June 22-24,2005 : proceedings

Innovations in applied artificial intelligence : 18th International Conference on Industrial and Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, IEA/AIE 2005, Bari, Italy, June 22-24,2005 : proceedings

Constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Industrial and Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, IEA/AIE 2005, held in Bari, Italy, in June 2005. These papers are organized in topical sections on computer vision, image analysis, speech recognition, robotics, agents, and more.
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Conference papers and proceedings
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Invited Contributions.- Applications of Knowledge Discovery.- Spoken Language Communication with Machines: The Long and Winding Road from Research to Business.- Computer Vision.- Motion-Based Stereovision Method with Potential Utility in Robot Navigation.- Object Tracking Using Mean Shift and Active Contours.- Place Recognition System from Long-Term Observations.- Real-Time People Localization and Tracking Through Fixed Stereo Vision.- Face Recognition by Kernel Independent Component Analysis.- Head Detection of the Car Occupant Based on Contour Models and Support Vector Machines.- A Morphological Proposal for Vision-Based Path Planning.- A New Video Surveillance System Employing Occluded Face Detection.- Image Analysis.- Intelligent Vocal Cord Image Analysis for Categorizing Laryngeal Diseases.- Keyword Spotting on Hangul Document Images Using Two-Level Image-to-Image Matching.- Robust Character Segmentation System for Korean Printed Postal Images.- Speech Recognition.- Case Based Reasoning Using Speech Data for Clinical Assessment.- Feature-Table-Based Automatic Question Generation for Tree-Based State Tying: A Practical Implementation.- Speeding Up Dynamic Search Methods in Speech Recognition.- Robotics.- Conscious Robot That Distinguishes Between Self and Others and Implements Imitation Behavior.- Distance-Based Dynamic Interaction of Humanoid Robot with Multiple People.- Movement Prediction from Real-World Images Using a Liquid State Machine.- Robot Competition Using Gesture Based Interface.- Agents.- Agent Support for a Grid-Based High Energy Physics Application.- Feasibility of Multi-agent Simulation for the Trust and Tracing Game.- Multi-agent Support for Distributed Engineering Design.- Reliable Multi-agent Systems with Persistent Publish/Subscribe Messaging.- A Strategy-Proof Mechanism Based on Multiple Auction Support Agents.- Automated Teleoperation of Web-Based Devices Using Semantic Web Services.- Context Awarable Self-configuration System for Distributed Resource Management.- A Decision Support System for Inventory Control Using Planning and Distributed Agents.- Planning.- Controlling Complex Physical Systems Through Planning and Scheduling Integration.- Plan Execution in Dynamic Environments.- Structural Advantages for Ant Colony Optimisation Inherent in Permutation Scheduling Problems.- Incrementally Scheduling with Qualitative Temporal Information.- New Upper Bounds for the Permutation Flowshop Scheduling Problem.- R-Tree Representations of Disaster Areas Based on Probabilistic Estimation.- Human-Computer Interaction and Natural Language Processing.- AI/NLP Technologies Applied to Spacecraft Mission Design.- Automatic Word Spacing in Korean for Small Memory Devices.- Generating Personalized Tourist Map Descriptions.- Haptic Fruition of 3D Virtual Scene by Blind People.- Ontology-Based Natural Language Parser for E-Marketplaces.- Towards Effective Adaptive Information Filtering Using Natural Language Dialogs and Search-Driven Agents.- Towards Minimization of Test Sets for Human-Computer Systems.- Discovering Learning Paths on a Domain Ontology Using Natural Language Interaction.- A Geometric Approach to Automatic Description of Iconic Scenes.- Man-Machine Interface of a Support System for Analyzing Open-Ended Questionnaires.- Reasoning.- A Holistic Approach to Test-Driven Model Checking.- Inferring Definite-Clause Grammars to Express Multivariate Time Series.- Obtaining a Bayesian Map for Data Fusion and Failure Detection Under Uncertainty.- Event Handling Mechanism for Retrieving Spatio-temporal Changes at Various Detailed Level.- Fault Localization Based on Abstract Dependencies.- Freeway Traffic Qualitative Simulation.- LEADSTO: A Language and Environment for Analysis of Dynamics by SimulaTiOn.- Prediction-Based Diagnosis and Loss Prevention Using Model-Based Reasoning.- Machine Learning.- An Algorithm Based on Counterfactuals for Concept Learning in the Semantic Web.- Classification of Ophthalmologic Images Using an Ensemble of Classifiers.- Comparison of Extreme Learning Machine with Support Vector Machine for Text Classification.- Endoscopy Images Classification with Kernel Based Learning Algorithms.- Local Bagging of Decision Stumps.- Methods for Classifying Spot Welding Processes: A Comparative Study of Performance.- Minimum Spanning Trees in Hierarchical Multiclass Support Vector Machines Generation.- One-Class Classifier for HFGWR Ship Detection Using Similarity-Dissimilarity Representation.- Improving the Readability of Decision Trees Using Reduced Complexity Feature Extraction.- Intelligent Bayesian Classifiers in Network Intrusion Detection.- Data Mining.- Analyzing Multi-level Spatial Association Rules Through a Graph-Based Visualization.- Data Mining for Decision Support: An Application in Public Health Care.- A Domain-Independent Approach to Discourse-Level Knowledge Discovery from Texts.- An Efficient Subsequence Matching Method Based on Index Interpolation.- A Meteorological Conceptual Modeling Approach Based on Spatial Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery.- Mining Generalized Association Rules on Biomedical Literature.- Mining Information Extraction Rules from Datasheets Without Linguistic Parsing.- An Ontology-Supported Data Preprocessing Technique for Real-Life Databases.- Genetic Algorithms.- A Fuzzy Genetic Algorithm for Real-World Job Shop Scheduling.- Pareto-Optimal Hardware for Digital Circuits Using SPEA.- Application of a Genetic Algorithm to Nearest Neighbour Classification.- Applying Genetic Algorithms for Production Scheduling and Resource Allocation. Special Case: A Small Size Manufacturing Company.- An Efficient Genetic Algorithm for TSK-Type Neural Fuzzy Identifier Design.- Hardware Architecture for Genetic Algorithms.- Node-Depth Encoding for Evolutionary Algorithms Applied to Multi-vehicle Routing Problem.- Novel Approach to Optimize Quantitative Association Rules by Employing Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm.- Neural Networks.- GMDH-Type Neural Network Modeling in Evolutionary Optimization.- Predicting Construction Litigation Outcome Using Particle Swarm Optimization.- Self-organizing Radial Basis Function Network Modeling for Robot Manipulator.- A SOM Based Approach for Visualization of GSM Network Performance Data.- Using an Artificial Neural Network to Improve Predictions of Water Levels Where Tide Charts Fail.- Canonical Decision Model Construction by Extracting the Mapping Function from Trained Neural Networks.- Detecting Fraud in Mobile Telephony Using Neural Networks.- An Intelligent Medical Image Understanding Method Using Two-Tier Neural Network Ensembles.- Decision Support and Heuristic Search.- The Coordination of Parallel Search with Common Components.- A Decision Support Tool Coupling a Causal Model and a Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm.- Emergent Restructuring of Resources in Ant Colonies: A Swarm-Based Approach to Partitioning.- The Probabilistic Heuristic In Local (PHIL) Search Meta-strategy.- Search on Transportation Network for Location-Based Service.- A Specification Language for Organisational Performance Indicators.- A New Crowded Comparison Operator in Constrained Multiobjective Optimization for Capacitors Sizing and Siting in Electrical Distribution Systems.- A Two-Phase Backbone-Based Search Heuristic for Partial MAX-SAT – An Initial Investigation.- Fuzzy Logic.- An Algorithm for Peer Review Matching Using Student Profiles Based on Fuzzy Classification and Genetic Algorithms.- Pose-Invariant Face Detection Using Edge-Like Blob Map and Fuzzy Logic.- A Fuzzy Logic-Based Approach for Detecting Shifting Patterns in Cross-Cultural Data.- Minimal Knowledge Anonymous User Profiling for Personalized Services.- Knowledge Management.- Formal Goal Generation for Intelligent Control Systems.- MoA: OWL Ontology Merging and Alignment Tool for the Semantic Web.- Optimizing RDF Storage Removing Redundancies: An Algorithm.- Complementing Search Engines with Text Mining.- A Decision Support Approach to Modeling Trust in Networked Organizations.- An Integrated Approach to Rating and Filtering Web Content.- Applications.- Collaborative Case-Based Preference Elicitation.- Complex Knowledge in the Environmental Domain: Building Intelligent Architectures for Water Management.- An Expert System for the Oral Anticoagulation Treatment.- Formal Verification of Control Software: A Case Study.- GRAPE: An Expert Review Assignment Component for Scientific Conference Management Systems.- A Nurse Scheduling System Based on Dynamic Constraint Satisfaction Problem.- A Semi-autonomous Wheelchair with HelpStar.- ST–Modal Logic to Correlate Traffic Alarms on Italian Highways: Project Overview and Example Installations.- Train Rescheduling Algorithm Which Minimizes Passengers’ Dissatisfaction.- Case-Based Reasoning for Financial Prediction.- The Generation of Automated Learner Feedback Based on Individual Proficiency Levels.- A Geographical Virtual Laboratory for the Recomposition of Fragments.- A Meta-level Architecture for Strategic Reasoning in Naval Planning.- A Support Method for Qualitative Simulation-Based Learning System.