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Democratic theory : essays in retrieval

Print Book, English, 2012
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Oxford University Press, Don Mills, Ont., 2012
xvi, 253 pages ; 21 cm.
9780195447798, 0195447794
Pt. 1. Democracy and property : the twentieth century and after
I. The maximization of democracy
II. Democratic theory : ontology and technology
1. The race between ontology and technology
2. Western democratic ontology : the individualist base
3. Western democratic ontology : the egalistarian complement
4. Technology, scarcity and democracy
III. Problems of a non-market theory of democracy
1. Two concepts of power : extractive and developmental
2. Power and capacities
3. The measurement of powers
4. Impediments and their measurement
5. The maximization of aggregate powers
IV. Revisionist liberalism
1. The lesson of empiricism
2. Chapman's revisionist liberalism
3. Rawl's distributive justice
v. Berlin's division of liberty
1. Negative liberty
3. An alternative division of liberty
VI. A political theory of property
1. Modern property a product of capitalist society
2. Mid-twentieth-century changes in the concept of property
3. An impending change in the concept of property
4. Beyond property as access to the means of labour
pt. 2. Related papers on the twentieth-century predicament
VII. Elegant tombstones : a note on Friedman's freedom
VIII. Revolution and ideology in the late twentieth century
IX. Post-liberal-democracy?
X. Market concepts in political theory
XI. The deceptive task of political theory
pt. 3. Seventeenth-century roots of the twentieth-century predicament
XII. Servants and labourers in seventeenth-century England
1. Seventeenth-century usage re-examined
2. The general rule and special cases
XIII. Natural rights in Hobbes and Locke
1. Introduction
2. Natural rights in Hobbes
3. Natural rights in Locke
4. Hobbes, Locke, and human rights
5. The near future of natural rights and human rights
XIV. Hobbes's Bourgeois man