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Attitudes toward history

Marks the author's breakthrough in criticism from the literary and aesthetic into social theory and the philosophy of history. This title provides his first entry into what he calls his theory of Dramatism; and, an important section on the nature of ritual.
Print Book, English, cop. 1984
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University of California Press, Berkeley (Calif.) [etc.], cop. 1984
434 p. 20 cm
9780520041486, 0520041488
INTRODUCTION PART I ACCEPTANCE AND REJECTION CHAPTER 1: WILLIAM JAMES, WHITMAN, AND EMERSON  "Acceptance" and "Passivity", Rejection, The Changing Emphasis of Frames, Sentimental Acceptance in Futurism CHAPTER II: POETIC CATEGORIES Tragedy, Comedy, Humor, the Ode, Negative Emphasis: the Elegy, or Plaint, Satire, Burlesque, The Grotesque, Monasticism and the Transitional, The Didactic, Didactic "Transcendence" in Hesiod, Didactic Transcendence in Eliot, Other Instances of Transcendence CHAPTER III: THE DESTINY OF ACCEPTANCE FRAMES  Discomfitures of Rejection CHAPTER IV: CONCLUSION PART II THE CURVE OF HISTORY CHAPTER 1: CHRISTIAN EVANGELISM CHAPTER II: MEDIAEVAL SYNTHESIS CHAPTER 111: PROTESTANT TRANSITION CHAPTER IV: NAIVE CAPITALISM CHAPTER v: EMERGENT COLLECTIVISM CHAPTER VI: COMIC CORRECTIVES PART III ANALYSIS OF SYMBOLIC STRUCTURE CHAPTER 1: GENERAL NATURE OF RITUAL The Tracking Down of Symbols, Synthesis and Analysis, Tests of Selectivity, Analytic "Radiations",  Main Components of Ritual CHAPTER 11: DICTIONARY OF PIVOTAL TERMS Alienation, Being Driven Into a Corner, Bridging Device,  Bureaucratization of the Imaginative, Casuistic Stretching,  Clust"rs, Communion, Control, Cues, Discounting, "Earning" One's World,  Efficiency, Essence, Forensic, "Good Life", "Heads I Win, Tails You Lose", Identity Identification, Imagery, Legality, Lexicological, NcoMalthusian Principle, Opportunism, Perspective by Incongruity, Problem of Evil, Repossess the World, Rituals of Rebirth Salvation Device, Sect,  Secular Prayer--or, extended: Character-building by Secular Prayer,  Stealing Back and Forth of Symbols,Symbolic Mergers, Symbols of Authority, Transcendence CONCLUSION AFTERWORD TO SECOND EDITION APPENDIX: THE SEVEN OFFICES AFTERWORD: ATTITUDES TOWARD HISTORY: IN RETROSPECTIVE PROSPECT