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The Power Makers : Steam, Electricity, and the Men Who Invented Modern America

The dramatic story of the ""power revolution"" that turned America from an agrarian society into a technological superpower, and the dynamic, fiercely competitive inventors and entrepreneurs who made it happen-a riveting historical saga to rival McCullough's The Great Bridge or Larson's Thunderstruck
eBook, English, 2010
Bloomsbury Publishing USA, New York, 2010
1 online resource (437 pages)
9781596918344, 1596918349
Intro; Title Page; Copyright Page; Dedication; Table of Contents; Acknowledgments; Introduction; Prologue A Show of Power:Philadelphia 1876; Chapter 1. The Machine That Changed the World; Chapter 2. Conquering Thewaters; Chapter 3 The Greatest Engine of All; Chapter 4. In Search of Themysterious Ether; Chapter 5. Let There Be Light; Chapter 6. A Covey of Competitors; Chapter 7. The Light Dawns; Chapter 8. The Pearl Street System; Chapter 9. The Cowbird, the Plugger, and the Dreamer; Chapter 10. The Alternative System; Chapter 11. Eventful Currents; Chapter 12. Gaining Traction Chapter 13. Competition and ElectrocutionChapter 14. Money, Mergers, and Motors; Chapter 15. A Show of Lights: Chicago 1893; Chapter 16. The Niagara Fallout; Chapter 17. Hard Times; Chapter 18. The Future Arrives; Chapter 19. Mastering the Mysteries of Distribution; Chapter 20. The Empire of Energy; Epilogue A Show of Possibilities: New York 1939; Electrical Circuits; Notes; Bibliography